Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is being good,really good.

Oh Santa!

As Christmas is coming,I wish I could be a small child again. I could dance around and wait for Santa to deliver me chocolates. Dear Santa, you give chocolates and gifts to those who are good children and charcoals to few who are bad?

I do not know whether being good is really good. And I do not understand based on what you judge someone is good and bad. For children of young age, you can just see if they are naughty or nice. However, dear Santa, when we are grown, how you judge who is good and bad.

I want to ask only one question, "Is being good, really good ?" and what is good and bad. Now my mind says, good and bad is just feeling inside us, these are relative and has no existence in reality. Then how you judge what is good and bad. Being truthful,trustworthy, being rightful is what is good or being dutiful,being obedient is what is good?

One person cannot have all qualities, because we are human beings. However, to be good to someone,is it this that you say a mistake. Being grown up means, we just know how to behave in public. But, our heart contains that small child within. I want to ask you, why bad things do happen to good people? Why someone has to bear mistakes of someone else. I don't know what you want to give me indeed. However, dear Santa, I really wish you come and give me something.

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