Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The little things that you do---- blessings of angels reaching me through you

Well I can start by dedicating to some of my friends... but that will not serve the sole purpose of writing my memoir on this blog. Friends are angels who bring sunshine and warmth to brighten our days. Yesterday, night I was thinking of my childhood, days spent in college and the days spend thereafter. Suddenly, something struck to my mind, that is nothing but some little things that my friends did for me, that made me feel special if not forever, it was for few moments. And the lesson that I learnt from my friends was incredible.

They came to my life like little angels showering blessings with lots of love. To start I remember one embarrassing incident that happened to me way back in lower KG @ V Point, Para deep. My father had got a new pencil box of green color. I still remember it as though it happened just yesterday. I was too excited to show my new pencil box to whole class. I went happily with lots of excitement to school. But, something terrible happened that day, for the first and last time one of my classmate accused me of stealing her pencil box.

Since, mine was new and I had carried it to class for the first time, the teacher believed the other girl. And my excitement was shattered in one moment. I felt so low, when I reached home after school, I cried and told my Dad to come with me to school next day. The next day my dad went and talked to the class teacher. That day my teacher praised me in front of whole class and the girl accusing me of theft was punished. I learnt the lesson of jealousy and criticism. I learnt how to overcome such ridicule statements made at me. The problem is I have forgotten that girls face too who made such accusation on me. I hardly remember any of them. I have two photos from this school and I remember only one girl in the whole group.

I have many such incidents that made me feel low at times. Life is not just one way path; I have enjoyed a lot with my friends. There are many such moments which probably I can’t write in a blog. Some are so wonder full that I long today to go back and live in that moment. When I went to Notre Dame Academy, one of the schools which not only nurtured me and made me go up in life, but in a way changed me altogether.
I can never forget Sister Vandana, our geography teacher. She was too strict, however thanks to her that my geography is quite strong even today. I met with Doljeet kaur, my best friend in Jamalpur. She was there beside me for the whole three years. We played see-saw together, shared our lunch boxes. I was known as the most silent girl in whole class. I remember Miss Sushila asking whole class, who can remain quite for a whole day. There was one name in everyone mouth that's me. Don't know why I did not mingle much, maybe I missed Doljeet for not being in my section. Today, I try searching her name in Orkut and facebook, but I don't find you anywhere. Missing you. It looks like yesterday that you stayed back from school to bid goodbye to me, waving hands at me when my bus left.

Then I came to DAV public school, Cuttack and met many wonder full friends. Sandhya, Nisha, Archana, Moonmoon to name a few. I learnt many things with Sandhya and Nisha. It was ninth STD, and I did not know how to ride a bicycle. Every day morning I used to practice with my new bicycle. My dad said he can’t teach me because he too can’t ride a bicycle now. And my brother was too lazy to get up in the morning.

I used to learn it by myself. Unknown strangers guided me and gave tips on riding. Then on one Saturday, both Sandhya and Nisha came to my home. They asked my Mom to allow me to go with them, in my bicycle to Chandi Chhack. Well I was little nervous, however my Mom agreed and said she has faith they will take good care of me. That was the day when for the first time I rode on my cycle to almost 4 kms. I fell twice on the way. The road was clumsy with the traffic, but hats off to them for their patience and guidance that I could reach home safely. The day was my biggest moral boaster, next day on every day I went to school in my bicycle. That was the biggest lesson which made me nearly perfect to ride bicycle in a day. Every day while comming back from school they used to encourage me. And this small act of them gave me all strength to plunge directly on to my destiny.

Then I met Ayesha in my ISc. We both went together to all the tuitions and college. One day, she did not go to physics tuition as she was not feeling well. I went alone, and met with an accident in Chandini chowk. My left leg was smashed between a boulder and my scooty. Nearby people helped me to come out. No doubt my leg was paining, and I could have come back to home from there. However, I choose to attend the physics test. I did not inform my physics tutor S.K Shah Sir. I gave the test like in any other day. Then I went back to home. When I finally saw my leg, it was bleeding. The mark is still there in my leg which will remind of this incident. I did not stop there; instead took medicine and went to attend college. In the evening Ayesha came to our house to pick me up for the chemistry tuition. First we went to doctor and took tetanus injection and then attended Chemistry. That day, one story from one of my teacher came to my mind. When I was in STD 4th, she narrated a story about herself. Once she met accident while going to college and got a severe injury but still she continued to do her work and applied medicine only after she returned home. Her father is a well known doctor, still she choose not to depend unnecessarily on medicine. She tried to tell us that our body has enough immunity to heal small wounds. Only when it becomes unbearable we should depend on medicine. That lesson of her gave me courage that day to carry on my duty irrespective of the injury that I had got.

Then I came to my engineering college, I was very excited to go to hostel. Many of my friends in engineering most be thinking, I never have issues in food, or might be I like the food of hostel very much. However, when I was all set to go to hostel, my Dad once told me these lines, which made me not to dislike any food. He just said “There will be time in your life, when no one will be there to ask you, if you had food. You need to take care of yourself and have food in correct time so that you don’t fall sick". Till today whenever I taste something that does not excite my taste buds, I just remind his lines and take what is given to me. Just after a month of my first semester, I fell sick of typhoid, and was given complete bed rest for 2 months. When I was again preparing to go back to college, I met Ayesha, and told her my worries for appearing the first semester. Till today her words ring in my ear. She just told, " I can’t believe that you are afraid of first semester, you were never afraid of exams, you never missed a single test of SK Shah, then what is stopping you now?"

Somehow, these words gave me enough courage to go back to college and study hard for appearing first semester. I stood first in my branch (It was like blessing in disguise). And I rocked.

These are few of the incidents that changed my life. Some taught me that life is uncertain. And this uncertainty in life is its best gift. Sometimes, when life gives hard set back, it becomes difficult to think back and learn from our strength and weaknesses. When I become sad, I hardly think of these, but now that I am in good mood, I think about these and laugh to myself. This is life which is uncertain and will be uncertain, and then only we can live it to the fullest.
No doubt my friends and there act taught me the best lesson of life.

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