Friday, December 10, 2010

Am I speaking so slowly that you are not able to hear?

Today dear lord again I am silent
I don’t talk, I don’t smile,
I get bored but I never quit.
Don’t know my fault for which I am punished.
I heard you return everything that we give.
I gave love, I gave care, I gave affection and I gave smile.
But, u returned it with no love, no care and only tears.
I wanted everyone to be happy,
But I made everyone only unhappy.
Now I feel nobody loves me.
Not even you, Oh! my Lord?
Oh! God I heard you reply every prayer with love.
Am I speaking so slowly that you are not able to hear?
I build castles of love and affection in my dream.
I pray to you to make my dream come true.
You hardly listen to me and break my dream.
Whom shall I ask to be with me?
Am I so bad that I deserve this?
I don’t know my faults, for which I am punished,
Could you tell me so that I am ready to serve this penance?
When will it get over my lord, it hurts a lot for not being loved by you.
I love you dear god, don’t break my heart & listen to me.
Please don’t run that I can’t catch you.
Life is a gift given by you, then why it hurts to have this gift.
Gifts are given to spread love and happiness,
Why is it that your gift is paining me?
Don’t know if you ever will hear me?
But, I will not stop to tell you my pain.
Be an angel in my life, and bless me lord.
I want to feel the love, which you want me to get by this gift.

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