Friday, December 24, 2010


Today in Newspaper I came across a beautiful line from Jesus "Judge not,that ye be not judges;for with what ye judge,ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete,it shall be measured too you again."

If you want to be free from blame and criticism and not be held responsible for something bad; if you want people to respect and love you and behave well with you,then you will have to do likewise. If you are the one involved in constant criticising people and passing judgements,then you ought not to be surprised to find yourself in the line of fire.You will also be judged by people around you over whom you sit in judgement. Then, you cannot turn around and complain.

We should not forget that whatever attitude we have towards others , it is ought to come back to us. And this is the Law of Attraction. This is not only written in Christianity, but also in Hinduism and may be present in all other religion.

However, sometimes I feel is this being followed by any strict follower of religion. In the name of God, the biggest crimes still happen. People do not stop to criticise one another and their beliefs. Sometimes, my own beliefs says If god is there and we believe he is going to Judge us,then why we do not stop doing wrong things to other, at that time why we forget that God is watching us.

 Service to mankind is the best for of devotion shown to god. I do believe the same. If we cannot feed someone but pray two hours before you, are you going to help us. It is not always possible to feed everyone everyday, but what about our own family.

Feeding here does not necessarily mean just food. People around us are more hungry for love and care than food. If we can not love someone,cannot show gratitude for being loved, then what is the use of that prayer that we do to you.

There is yet another line that Life is all about give and take policy. Just would like to say when we shout on others,scream then we forget that what we are doing. Our ego overrides and the result is our behaviour. Before scolding a beggar or a maid, we forget that we are also serving someone. We are equal to this beggar before God, always begging for mercy. We are serving for an organisation or we serve to customers for our livelihood. If God and our organisation returns the same to us that we did, then will we be able to handle it.

I remember a prayer in my school days
" It is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark.
Better far that you light just one little candle, than to stumble in the dark.
If we all say a prayer then the world would be free,
If we all light a candle then what a bright world, the newday will see."

It surprises to see sometimes the educated and intelligent people, doing such silly things. Education and intelligence is what makes us understand that we are not the proprietor of anything. This body,mind,our work and everything is you Lord,what you have done and will do will be with you, then why knowingly and unknowingly we create so many problems.


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