Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New year 2011

Before writing and filling this blog,I would be pleased to wish you a very Happy new year. My wish is too simple for you,just happiness. You most be thinking why only happiness, why not wealth,why not prosperity etc etc... Well my experience says "Happiness" is the most precious thing. When you are happy and satisfied, money,status, etc etc hardly matters. However, when we are upset, then little things irritate us the most.
So, my wish is simple happiness for all.

Life seems to be so beautiful and satisfying when we are Happy. I am not sure if it only happens to me or everyone else. When I am Happy, I wish everyone to be happy, I hardly think about the problems and sometimes find the bigger problems as the smallest. However, when that feeling of happiness fades, then simple things irritates me. I get tears in my eyes if water stops running from tap. I worry if maid does not cook the food properly. These things I never notice when I am happy.

In many spiritual books I have read, we search happiness outside, but it lies within us. May be may not be? I am not grown up to understand the basic of this line probably. Neither I am in a state to search the happiness within myself.

Every year, I start the year with lots of hope and happiness. Reminding myself that this year will be better than the year went past. When the year comes to an end, and I see back I find the previous yr better than the recent yr. Every year new set of problems appear, but there is no end to these problems.

This year, I have a strange feeling. I am not very excited this time. Nor do I have any feeling of having a great year ahead.Somehow, I am still worried as to what is there in this year. Every year has same seasons, same problems, is there anything which can be there forever, which can make me so happy that I forget the simple worries. I somehow find Hope is the only thing that has kept me live, Hope to see my dear ones happy. Hope to enjoy few moments of laughter with great old friends. Hope to show my happiness to all and hope to make someone smile.

I feel the celebration of New year's Eve is basically for this, wishing and hoping that the year ahead will give us more happiness and joy than that went past. This Hope is the moral support that last with us for at least few months.

There is one more wish that each of us might take gud decision. If we take a good decision for a wrong reason,I don't know whether it is good or bad, b'coz the decision that we made may be gud ,but it is wrong as it leads for a wrong place..The reason where we wish may be wrong but my question is, how can it be wrong if I take a gud decision......Let our decision and the reason for the decision both be gud for the new year....
Wish you a Very Happy new year 2011...

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