Friday, January 24, 2014

Another crocheted table mat

Hi Readers,

I just completed another table mat. Its little bigger than the coasters and quite short from a table runner, so I guess I should call it table mat. Well, I am a beginner and I get fascinated by the patterns in Crochet. I tried making Catherine wheel first, however, it was bit difficult for me. I did few lines and then realized after completing the whole thing it might be out of a proper rectangular shape. Then I switched to a granny stripe pattern. Yes, this was much easier and took really less time to complete the whole thing.

I wish I could get some quality woolen yarn in Hyderabad. I have searched quite a good number of embroidery and craft stores, but no luck. I wish I would have been in Bangalore. When I was in Bangalore, I and my friend mostly visited Raja market in weekends. We would collect all sorts of craft supplies and start working on it. Its been five years since I left Bangalore, I still have few of the supplies that I am yet to make use.

Hyderabad, do not have such an exclusive market building dedicated to craft supplies just like Bangalore. I wish I could get Vardhaman or any other similar quality yarn here. I wish to make a simple crocheted blanket, I know it will take months for me to make, but yes handmade things that too made by yourself gives so much satisfaction and a special attachment towards it. When you make something by yourself, you take care and would like to have that piece with you for long time. Its just like a treasure. But, hard luck... I have searched so many places but I do not see these yarns in Hyderabad. Somehow, got some yarn in nearby store but I would not personally prefer to make a blanket out of it. So, I am just making small table mats, coasters and learning the technique.

Enough of my talks, now have a look at this table mat made using Granny stripes and double crochet border pattern.

Do let me know your feedback.


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