Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Excitement and depression

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After a long gap I am back again with another post. As in my previous posts, I read one article couple of days back, about excitement and depression. People who get excited and show their happiness with full joy, soon fall into trap of depression. Excitement and depression are two sides of same coin. So, when you are happy or excited, it has to follow soon with depression. Human mind changes, but human nature seeks excitement always.

Now a days, the popular saying is unless life is exciting, it is dull and boring. All of us want to lead a life of excitement. However, mind changes from excitement to depression soon. Depression follows excitement. The people who swing between excitement and depression, often loose concentration. When the mind is agitated, attention is scattered, hence it is difficult to concentrate. Therefore, people who are prone to cycle of excitement and depression find it hard to be effective at work.

Most people have little objection in getting excited. It is excitement's morbid sibling that we never want to see. To be able to keep away from depression we have to learn to keep our mind at an even kneel.

Traditionally, this transition from excitement to depression is known as Evil eye.

Why and what is this evil eye? We all know we see the world around us in the way we are by nature. However, all human beings are not same. Some people are bad, in the sense they have more negativity and less positivism. So, when we are happy and excited these people, actually become jealous of our happiness. What causes this? Their unhappiness. Actually, they are not happy with them self, their circumstances, so when someone in front of them stands happy, cheerful, and exhibits love and harmony, they become envious. They exhibit this envious and that negativity affects our happiness. Mostly, when our human mind transitions from excitement to depression, it comes through people. When we are happy and excited, we show our enthusiasm to others, and some people comment, some gossip or say such things that pinches, which helps our mind to transit from excitement to depression.

This is the reason why our elder's advise us to remain calm and in same pace in all situations. Situations, be it good or bad will change, will pass because CHANGE is constant. So, not to be very excited when happy or not to be too depressed when sad. Life will move in it own pace and soon things will change.


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