Friday, August 1, 2014

Why so much tragedy for Karna??

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Once again I am back with views regarding Karna and Kunti story. Karna the tragic hero of epic Mahabharat. I follow Mahabharata serial in Star Plus. What is most amazing  fact in this serial is that they explain why Krishna play games and breaks rule of war to help Pandava's attain victory. Yesterday, Karna's life came to an end in that serial. There was nice explanation on why he was punished and why he had to undergo so much tragedy. Why supporting Dhurodhana was not correct, although Dhuryodhana helped him to get respect as an warrior. Well, some part of narration was really very beautiful and I want to jot it down here.

During the battle of Kurushetra, when Karna's cart falls in mud and his chaffeur King of Madra and maternal uncle of Nakul and Sahadeba humiliates him, at that point Krishna urges Arjuna to kill Karna. Karna wants to fight back and suddenly realizes that his talent has vanished. He has forgotten what he had learnt. Krishna reminds him of the wordings of Parshuram, who had cursed Karna for not revealing his true identity. He had cursed that when Karna would need his talent badly, at that point he will  forget what he has learnt. Karna is torn apart, he feels cheated and wanted to know why such things had to happen to him. Krishna tells Karna that he is son of the mightiest Sun God. He was born with supernatural power, still he could not do justice to it. Karna wants to know how he was wrong, and how justice was done to him. Krishna explains, that its true life was tough on him. This society did not do justice with him by not letting him use his skills, by not allowing him to be equal with other warriors just because of his birth, and his caste. However, he had the amazing power, by which he could have fought against the society and could have changed rules set by society on cast-ism. He could have liberated people like him. However, he chose to be with Dhuryodhana. Karna again wants to know why supporting Dhuryodhana was regarded as bad, when only this person helped him when he wanted to be known just for his skills and efforts. Krishna says, Dhuryodhana never helped Karna, but used Karna in his favor. Dhuryodhana never uplifted weaker sections of the society, but yes he helped Karna, to get him by his side. This opens eyes of Karna. He understands his faults. He then wants to know from Krishna if ever this world will remember him, for his strength? Krishna says, to kill Karna they need to play foul, is this not enough to prove his strength.

After, Arjuna kills Karna sunset happens. Kunti comes to battle field in search of her son Karna. All of the Pandava brothers were amazed as to why their Mother is so concern for their enemy. Arjuna asks why Kunti is concerned about Karna. Krishna says, enmity is over now you need to know the relation. He asks Arjuna to ask same question to Kunti. Kunti in battle field, shares the relationship with Karna. She says, Karna has been punished for Kunti's fault deed. Rishi Durvasa who gave Kunti boon of a powerful mantra by use of which she could be a Mother, also warned her that she should make use of it in apt situation. If the Mantra is used in haste, it will give negative effect. However, Kunti was not matured enough and just wanted to test the Mantra, which resulted in Karna's birth before her marriage.

Even though she kept this birth of Karna a secret, and had set her son Karna away, somehow she had been longing for him. When she finally got to know about Karna in a friendly competition, she had no guts to reveal the truth of Karna's birth when he was being ridiculed.

Somehow, watching this I felt, how difficult the situation would be for a girl in similar situation. Being a mother after marriage is a boon and curse when attained without marriage. Yes, society is changing, in western world this might not be the usual perception, but in India it still persist. I wanted to think of men who do this. Will situation also affect them. All men become proud father when they are married. What is their feeling when they do the same before marriage? My guess is most of the guys would have to live with a guilt that their decision landed someone in such a situation. If the girl gives birth and still they both did not get married, then he might also long to see his child. Although, exception is always there for both men and women. Some people could do all this and never realize or admit that they have not done something which was good or considered good.

The truth behind everything is things, situations and everything in general is termed good or bad depending on situation, place and most importantly by the timing. Otherwise, whats good is also bad, its just a relative term. Is not it?

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