Monday, February 10, 2014

Karma & KaliYuga

Hi Readers,

I have written another poem in Oriya, sitting and thinking of present environment. I had many questions as in any other think day, mostly regarding politics, manipulation etc.. Be it in workplace, in home, with siblings or with spouse, it is our human tendency, that we get easily influenced by the person who can speak well. We get attracted to the words.However, when these words are not converted into equal action, makes us feel played. For the people who can easily manipulate, they have a inborn quality to speak what other's like to hear. What they mean can be very different from what they speak? But, yes in this worldly affair, they progress a lot through their communication skills, and networking abilities. The person, who can actually get the work done, lags behind... Is not it?

Here, is my poem in Oriya on the same subject. As written earlier, I lack a lot in Oriya literature specially vocabulary... I just gave it a try. Hope some of you might like it.

କହେ ଯେ କଥା ବଡ ବଡ କର୍ମରେ କରେ ନାହି
କହି ଯେ ନ ପାରିଇ ସେ କର୍ମେ କରି ଦେଖାଇ||
ହଜାରେ ଆଶା ଦିଏ ଯେ ଆଶା ଭାଂଗୀ ପାରଇ
ଯେ କୁହଇ ଅପ୍ରିୟ ସତ ଅସମଯରେ ପାସେ ରୁହଇ||
ହେଲେ ଏ ଅବୁଝା ମନ ତାକୁ ହି ଚାହଇ
ଯେ କଥା ଭଲ କହି ତାକୁ ଜିଣି ପାରଇ||
ଆ କଥା ତା ଆଗେ, ତା କଥା ଆ ଆଗେ ଯେ କରି ପାରଇ
ସାଂସାରିକ ସମାଜରେ ଜାଣ ସେହି ଜିଣି ପାରଇ ||
କର୍ମ କଲେ କି ହେବ, କଥା ଦରକାର୍ ପଡଇ
ଏ କଳି ୟୁଗରେ କି ଏହା ହି ମହିମା
କଳି କରି ଉପରକୁ ଚଢି ଚଢି ଯିବା ||
ଯେ ପରଂଗମ ନୁହେ କଳିରେ ହେ ଜାଣ
ଯେତେ କର୍ମ କଲେ ମଧ୍ୟ ହାର ତାର ଜାଣ||
ପ୍ରଭୁହେ ତୁମେ କଣ କଳିର ହି ସାଥୀ
କଣ ଚାଂହ ପ୍ରଭୁ, ତୁମ ଭକ୍ତ କରୁ କଳି ??
                                           ---- ଶର୍ମିଷ୍ଠା

Thanks for reading it. :)

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