Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Handmade birthday card

Hi Readers, 

I am sharing with you the card I made for my Mom on her birthday. I liked this card because of its simplicity.
I used two card stock one in grayish green and another with tiny flowers to make the base of card. I tried the circular pattern over it. I made it with brown and pastel color card stock to make a batch like image. I have given the edge of both the circles a spark of glitter. 

I have then made the three tier cake with three candles as the batch image. I added a puffy sticker from Disney series to decorate it. Additionally, I have added a tag technique to write "Happy Birthday Mom".

In the above and below image you can see the tiny Rhine stones that I have placed in a circular pattern.

In the above picture you can see the multi-color stones that I have added to give a different look.Below is the image of tag that I have made with brown and orange card stock. I have added a thread with a tiny tag to it. The word "Mom" is written with my handmade card stock that I painted with red and white colors.

In the below picture, I have used the same three tier cake with three candles to decorate the inside paper of card.

In another side of inside paper I have made a three tier gift with card stock papers.
I have also written the same line" Happy birthday Mom" in below image.

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