Thursday, July 26, 2012

The rakhi thread

Hi Readers,

Rakhi Purnima is coming on next Thursday 2nd Aug 2012, and I am here to present you simple idea to make your own handmade Rakhi. The thread Rakhi symbolizes, protection, love and brotherhoods. Traditionally, Rakhi thread is tied by sister's on their own brother's hand, to remind them that brothers would protect their sister forever. Though, I do not see this appropriate to the modern generation. I being the eldest among my siblings do not feel my brothers would require to protect me. Yes, definitely at hard times, I would like my brothers to stand with me, but why it should be just one sided? Can't I protect my brothers? What about the times when I taught them, stood for them and protected them. Why should the vow be taken only by boys, is it proving that this society is still divided in the name of gender.
Yes, such questions not only arise in my mind, but would have been raised by many others.Though, this symbolizes that our society is dominated by masculine force, still I would prefer to forget the wrongs in it and would look at the good points. I just do not tie Rakhi on my brothers hand but also place it on my Lords feet. This is traditionally followed by all Hindu to give Rakhi to Our beloved Lord,we pray that God will always be with us and would be their to protect us from all the evils.

Sister's not only tie Rakhi on their brother's hand but also on their sister-in-law's hand. This is good point is not it, not just brothers but their wife's are given equal power. This thread spreads brotherhoods. We not only tie this on our own brothers, but also to those, whom we have accepted as our brother. This way we are spreading the love of brotherhoods. So, I enjoy this festival with its good spirits.

This year, I took initiative to make everything personalised. And thus came up with simple idea to make my own Rakhi threads. I have made them with Ruby and turquoise beads. First, I have pasted them in the circular pattern on a small piece of cardboard and then I have attached the strings. As time did not permit me to meet my brother's on this holy day, I have couriered them and they both liked it. I have already got my part of comments and compliments from my brothers. And now I am sharing this with all of you to make your own threads. If any of you have better ideas please to leave them on the comment section. Please leave your valuable suggestion and comments in the comment section.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.

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  1. Rakhi threads are a norm of our glorious festivity of the grand “Raksha Bandhan” that we all Indian’s celebrate each year.


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