Thursday, July 26, 2012

rakhi cards

Hi Readers,
Rakhi or Rakhshya Bandhan is on its way next week on 2nd Aug 2012. I remember my school days, Rakhi used to be one of the most fun filled days. I have studied in six different schools as my father had a transferable job and we all moved with him to different places. It was at Jajpur that my school hosted this festival with much pump and show. We were given free Rakhi from school and were asked to tie them on as many people as possible to spread the tradition of brotherhood. It was fun to tie them on hands of people who were our father's age. I and my best friend Rupa after doing this activity, used to tie the remaining all on my brothers hand. We used to fill his both hands with rakhi's. He was in so much love with this that he used to demand us to tie more, so that he can show his friends how many rakhi threads he got.

Now, we all are too busy in life and do not even have time to spare to come over to each others place. Since, I could not make it to meet both my brothers on Rakhi day, I have replaced the simple Rakhi thread with Rakhi cards and thread. The card that reads a line that appropriately suits the special occasion. This time, I took another initiative to make the cards on my own. It was fun thinking about my brothers and their liking, choosing colour and Rakhi cards with appropriate size and thread to appeal them.
Both my cards and Rakhi's have been delivered to their respective places and I have got good remark from them.I am sharing my idea to make the occasion more personalised with my Rakhi cards and threads. Hope, this will also be liked by you all, who took time to read out my post. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions below.


  1. I am really glad to get such Rakhi..thanks a lot!!! Really it was too b'ful. I showed the cards and Rakhi to my friend and he was spellnound. This is the best thing I have ever received. Thanks a ton!!! I have no more words to express my feeling.

  2. Hmm I need a big party in return..:)


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