Monday, July 30, 2012

handmade gift wrapping ideas

Hi Readers,

I am sharing with you some personalised way to wrap your gifts. In the below picture I have used printed scrap sheets and a multi colour thread to package it, with colour paper tags  to give it a different effect. This packaging can also be done with newspaper. This is a good idea to recycle old papers, printed sheets and old book papers. It is also very easy but a good personalized creation to stand apart in crowd.

In the below picture look at the left hand side box. This box is also packaged with printed sheets, upon which I have added a paper flower and two paper straws. I have also stamped circles with bottle cap. And finally added a brown ribbon to give some colour.

In my coming up post I will show you ideas by which you can package with brown paper usually used by school children to cover up their text books.

Hope, you would have liked the ideas, please leave your feedback in the below comment section.


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