Thursday, July 26, 2012

handmade envelope

Hi Readers,

Now, I am presenting you some easy tips to make your own envelope that adds dimension to your cards or letters. This is really easy to make and makes your gift stand apart.

In below pictures I present to you only a few varieties. In my upcoming posts I will show you more easy to make enevelopes. In the below picture, I have first spray painted drawing sheets with just the colour blue and brown. The spary is light and evenly distributed. Secondly, I drawed spirals in one sheet and wrote "HAPPY" in another sheet. I also dabbed colour blue in shape of flower it another sheet. Lastly, I had put dots of colour brown and made spirals with colour brown.

After turning these painted sheets into envelope , I made the flap with orange colour paper, just make it distinct.

In the below picture, I have made envelope out of vintage lyrics sheet. This looks awsome as it gives a complete new look.

In the above picture , in one of the envelope I had made a punch hole and tied a tag with strings to it. This looks different and serves the purpose of closing the envelope without gum. In the below picture, I have made envelope with printed sheets, that was no longer in use. This is wonderful to recycle the sheets instead of shredding.

The above picture showcases another way to close a envelope with punch hole and strings. This not only closes the envelope beautifully but also allows to add beautiful tags with your personalized message.

Hope you would have liked the idea of making personalized envelopes. Please do leave your comments and feedback in the section at bottom.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking out your time to read it.

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