Friday, June 1, 2012

Inner Happiness

Hi Readers,

After a long gap I have finally come up with a topic to write my views. I have read many books, articles which talk about this topic that is Inner Happiness. However, I could not realize this until I was finally put to test.

Life does not treat everyone equally. It varies to many extent how life will treat someone. For some it is like a trap always. However, our inner self is the one which remains with us through out our struggle for existence. It guides us, shows us what could be the bigger picture behind all the drama that Life unfolds. Sometimes, we follow our instinct generously, and sometimes we trust other's and put down our own instinct. 

From our childhood, we have this sixth sense which guides us towards the motive of people whom we come in contact. Our mind and soul knows very well how we get treated. Even if we come in contact with someone who is really very good to us, we still do not build the trust immediately, somehow our inner self warns us about their behavior and motive. This Inner self is our true friend, who knows before us that we are reaching something beyond our imagination. When we follow our inner self we know how to overcome problems and obstacles in life. This Inner self has immense potential and it not only guides us, but also keeps us intact. It helps us in judging and choosing our life path. It shows us the extreme limit our life can be put to test and thus helps us to be brave and encourages us to fight for the struggle of existence. 

This Inner self never tells us to be very happy nor it tells us to be too sad when life reaches its two extreme points of happiness and sorrow. It helps us to be hard to our self. When we are hard to our self,  things automatically fall in place.  This inner self guides us to increase the circle of Influence and reduce the circle of concern. When we finally, build our life with a bigger circle of influence and a smaller circle of concern, we achieve the maximum out of our own potential and we limit our hurdles. Thus, it gives us true satisfaction and motivates us to be happy when time is not going good.


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