Thursday, June 28, 2012

The tradition of exchanging gifts...

Hi Readers,

Today, one question struck me .. How the tradition of exchanging gifts came into existence? As we all know, western history is written with time and date but not the eastern history. According to western history it started when Jesus was born and the three Magi blessed the lord with the precious one. In eastern history, we have no exact record of time, according to history it started before the age of Ram.

According to Indian history, people used to gift agrarian products, which they cultivated. Even today, the rural people exchange household cultivated crops, milk products, homemade eatables as a form of gift. The urban culture has adopted more of western culture and have adopted new forms of gifts. Cakes, cards, dazzling gifts have taken place of handmade sweets and food grains. The gift market has expanded and comes up with customized gift for every occasion. Yet, the essence behind this all is the same.

The main motive behind exchange of gift is to spread happiness and love for each other. However, sometimes when I see people over the gift shop corners struggling to decide a gift on their budget, I feel these gift exchange custom is putting undue pressure on people. Exchanging gifts that is loaded with blessings  and love is lost, many a times people over budget their gifts just for the sake of reputation  and status.

 Huh... This status maintenance cost is really high...Is not it?

I feel gifts that are homemade, takes a person to think, indulge all the senses to create a gift that comes directly from heart. Making such a gift not only takes time and energy, but require lot of thinking and creativity. Is it not good to see someone's effort in creating a gift especially for you? Someone, who has spent few days thinking about you, about your liking and has tried to show you how much they think and care about you is much more important to me. Though, now a days personalized gifts are also available in market, in my opinion they can never be on top of handmade gifts.

After all money cannot buy what is called love....

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