Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi Readers,

Today, I am going write about basic human emotion "Anger". There are many articles published on anger management, however very few individual have full control on anger.

The first question is "Why we get angry?" This happens mostly when our need be it emotional, physical or economical does not get satisfied. There is also another factor situation, some situation irritates us so much that we eventually vent out our emotion in form of anger. Though we cannot change the circumstances which makes us angry, we definitely can control our emotion. History of this world has changed many a times by the human being who channelized anger in an effective and constructive way.

Anger is a form of fire inside us. If we can use it to light a candle then it will fill in light and remove the darkness from our life. However, if we are unable to control our anger, it could cause a huge fire which can burn down our beautiful life ahead. Take for example Mahatma Gandhi, we all know his anger when he was thrown out of train. He channelized his anger in such a beautiful way that it spread light in two continents. He managed his anger to not only light a lamp for him self but for a huge mass of people.

In every holy scriptures be it Bible, Kuran or Gita, Patience, tolerance and courage has been valued above all other emotions. When we pray, we should ask our almighty to give us patience, tolerance and courage to over come the miseries of this world. We need to manage anger in such an effective way that we do not vent out in slightest agitation. When pressure builds on us, slow down and count form 1 to 10 before you show your emotions. Meditation and immense faith on God also helps in controlling anger.

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