Monday, June 18, 2012

The Shroud of Turin

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Today, I dedicate this post to the unsolved mystery of Shroud of Turin. The Shroud is a linen cloth used while crucifixion of Jesus. This linen has blood stain in a form that shows faint image of a human being who suffered physical trauma similar to crucifixion. This Shroud is kept on display at Cathedral of Saint John Baptist, Turin.

The image is clearly visible in its negative image of black and white. This was first observed 1898 when it was allowed to be photographed. Since, then many research have been conducted to prove the fact that the human figure visible is Jesus. There have been extensive study to find out if this is forged by any great artist. However, till today there is no such fact which could prove the real fact.

In yesterday's paper I came across this article where the author is a historian, who have researched extensively on the shroud. His research and findings support the accountability of the fact that this is the linen used during the period of Jesus's crucifixion. However, he also recommends to perform another carbon dating and to study the limestone particles  that are present in the shroud. The Shroud of Turin remains the most studied artifacts of Human history and the most controversial.

Very few scientist have had the chance to have direct access to the shroud. Most of the research is on the analysis of image and historical sources. The most puzzling fact about the Shroud is the nature of image and how it was fixed on the cloth. 

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