Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Competition Competition and Competition

Hi Readers,

This word " Competition" in today's world has got much more on to it than just appearing competitive examinations or competition against your peers. I am really unable to understand where should I begin and how to express my feelings today.

This word "Competition" has impacted me a lot today. Trust me I  have never had thought about it so much as I do today.

As per me, there is a very narrow gap between having a healthy or unhealthy competition. I do not know if people really find it out when they cross over this gap and enter an unhealthy atmosphere. But, certainly when someone enter's this unhealthy zone, they fight against themselves. The fear of loosing a competition aggravates and leads to making more mistakes preferably silly ones. I am not going to write anything about career wise competition with fellow colleague or peers. I am more concerned today about the competition against one's own friends, family members and sibling. Yes, every competition with right spirit takes us one step ahead, and every unhealthy competition takes us one step behind. This fact hold's true here.

Who does not want to turn up first in a race? Of course, every individual wants to be praised, pampered and admired in the eye's of their fellow beings. But, this desire to be praised most not be so high that you feel jealous if someone admires your fellow member more. Some of these unhealthy competition is so bad at times that they act against you. Take for example, one of my father's friend. He choose a different career path from all his friends. He was very happy when he choose this path, but when his peers went ahead of him, he aggravated jealousy for them. He has become so sunken and stringent in his thinking that, his own friends now do not inform him of achieving  something in their life. The reason being, he will not feel good or appreciate but will be more jealous and feel bad that he could not achieve what his friend got.

This was just a mere example to explain what I am trying to speak about. When we are in healthy competition we hardly feel bad when our own friend achieves something good. There is always two sides of same coin. It depends on us to see which side we want. We can think in a positive way that someone unknown to me would have achieved what my friend has got. So, I should be proud that its only my friend who has got it. Same way when its our own family member we should see the fact that its my own brother or sister who has achieved rather than someone else in the queue.But, yes if we cross over the limit of healthy competition and enter an unhealthy atmosphere, our thinking changes entirely. We start to think that why my friend got it, why not me. We start complaining that I have all troubles but see my friend he/she has got what I always longed for.

There are millions of people outside to have a big fight, why do we need to fight with our close circle of friends and few family members.

Today, I wrote this  after I heard one of my close friend complaining about her elder brother. It took me quiet a long time to understand why she had such a thinking about his own brother. As a outsider to her family, I am certainly not the best person to point out or find faults. However, I found the faults lying with her than with her brother.I found her jealous of her brother's achievement, success and his beautiful wife.  Yes, as a close friend I should not have written it here. But, how do I make her understand that she should not compete against her own brother. If you readers have any suggestion or ways to tackle such misunderstanding between siblings, please do leave me a comment.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciable.


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