Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who will cry when you die?

Hi Readers,

Today, I am going to write something about how it happened to me to start this blog. Two years back there was time in my life when I was too depressed, I had no clue as to where my life was heading, I just kept on flowing with the time. I lost many of my good friends because I had no zeal to keep in touch. I did not wanted to share my feelings and make someone sad with my depressed mood.

Years back in my college days, I had same kind of feeling.  After recovering from typhoid I went to college after 3 long months. Girls in my hostel did not wanted to include me in there group as they had already formed a great bonding. It was first year of engineering and just after one month of our classes commenced, I fell sick of typhoid. I was admitted in one of the major hospitals and was under treatment for 10 long days. My sickness was caused majorly because of wrong diagnosis. At first when I got fever, the doctor identified it as mere throat infection and I was under medication for 1 week, when there was no apparent change in my health, he again had me go for another blood test. Then the doctor identified it as Malaria. I took the heavy doses of Malaria for 2 days and my health deteriorated further, on the third day morning unable to bear the pain, I fainted. At that time, my father was out of station and my Mom and younger brother along with our neighbors rushed to near by nursing home. The doctors there identified my sickness as brain malaria and advised my parents to immediately admit me in the top most hospital SCB Medical hospital. Doctor's at SCB medical refused to admit me as they were unable to identify. From morning my family struggled to get me admitted, and finally I was admitted by 4 PM. The doctors along with there entire team visited me twice daily. This was my first time visit to SCB medical as I had never been so sick before. They questioned me but I was unable to answer, I had lost my voice, I knew all answers but I had no energy to speak up. On sixth day they identified it as typhoid and paratyphoid. Then my recovery process started. My Mom and my Aunt never left me alone. My father could only come on the 4th day of me being admitted in hospital. They discharged me from hospital on 11th day and I was on bed rest for next two months.

When I finally recovered completely, the doctor could not recognize me, my parents had taken me to his private clinic and he was happy and excited to see me. He showed me to all his patients. However, the actual pain in my life started when I went to college. I stood first in my first Semester, and due to this my own friends had turned foe. I was constantly attacked by their rude remarks. At that time, my Aunt motivated me. Her words, her letters kept me going. She always said one thing, read books as much as you can do.Books are the only friend which will never betray you.

Two years back when it was again a very low phase for me, I did the same thing kept on reading books, specially the one's which most will not prefer. I read management books, sometimes novels and some self help books. At that time I got a chance to read the book, "Who will cry when you die?" by Robin Sharma and my mind had only one feeling, its true I came from the dust and one day I have to go in the dust. I came alone and I will go alone, but can I really help someone? I questioned myself, what is the meaning of my existence? How best I could utilize this to help anyone?

I found my blog in this tough days. I wrote on motivational topics and spiritual topics. So, that someday when I am not there, someone would find it motivating. I could be remembered somewhere in someone's heart. I do not know if it will really be helpful , however, I am in my own attempt to help. I have written many things from my personal experience. I believe real life experience is the best thing to motivate anyone. I am not a great composer nor I am a great author, so I can not write books but I can surely write my views in my blog.

I have understood one thing, Life is to help, support and love. Life is to spread happiness and be honest. Life is to work hard, selflessly in service of God. 

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