Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sree Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

Hi Readers,

As Ram Navami is nearing and falls on 1st April'2012, I am going to share my view point and opinion about Sree Ram, his nama smarana/japa and its benefit in general to human being. 

It is said that Rama Nama has come into existence much before the birth of Lord Sri Rama. It is said that the word Rama is divided into syllables Ra + Aa + Ma; Ra means Rudra; Aa means Brahma; Ma means Vishnu and the confluence of the three trinal lords Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara is Rama.

The word Ram is a confluence of two letters Ra + Ma. It is believed and said that these two letters are Jivaaksara (life giving letters) carved out of the most significant Mantras the Narayana Astakshari and Shiva Panchakshari. The letter Ra is carved out of Narayana Astakshari (Om Namo Narayanaya!) and the letter Ma is carved out of Shiva Panchakshari (Om Namah Shivaya!).

These two letters called life giving letters, the soul of these two powerful Mantras are put together to form the Taraka Mantra Ram. Without these two letters, these manthras become ineffective. Any one chanting this Taraka manthra is equivalent to worshipping both Lord Sri Maha Vishnu and Lord Shiva.It is believed that Lord Shiva keeps on medidating on this Taraka Mantra. 

The word Rama has the triple power of destroying sins, conferring peace, and dispelling ignorance. When you utter the word "RAM", you first open the mouth with the sound "Ra". All your sins go out when your mouth is open. When you utter "M" by closing the mouth, the entry is barred against the sins that have gone out.

Taraka Mantra means the one that helps us to cross the ocean of Samsara and free us from the bondage cycle of birth and death. If it is chanted as Rama it is a name, if it is chanted as Ram it is a Mantra, if it is chanted with addition of the word Sri (Sri Rama, Sri Ram) power of Goddess Sita is added to it.

Sree Rama Rama Ramethi Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasranama Tat Thul-yam Rama Nama Varanane

The above Mantra is believed to have been the Taraka Mantra that Lord Shiva used to recite and told Goddess Parvathi to meditate on this.
It is only Ram Nama which is equal to a thousand names of Vishnu. Perhaps the above sloka indicates that chanting of Ram once is equal to 10 times chanting of Vishnu, chanting of Ram twice is equal to 100 times (10 x10) chanting of Vishnu and chanting of Ram thrice is equal to 1000 times (10 x 10 x10) chanting of Vishnu. Thus the effect of chanting Ram Nama gets multiplied in geometrical progression. It is believed and said that Lord Shiva always keeps meditating on this Taraka Manthra.

It is the most favourite manthra of all the deities and by chanting, one gets the benefit of invoking all the 33 crores of devathas. There are many instances in history where mere chanting of Rama Nama has resolved many miseries.

In this Yuga Kali, Nama Japa/Smarana is the way to get liberation from the cycle of birth and deaths. 

" Sree Ramachandra ki Jay, Pabansuta Hanuman ki Jay!!!"


  1. Raajesh AdivaraganApril 19, 2013 at 7:00 AM

    Jai ShriRam

  2. Jai Sreeram...Jai Seetharam... Jai Hanuman... Can I contact you... please share your email .I want to clarify something...


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