Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reciting SRI RAMA Nama in present day

Speaking in context of present day world, we have heard of many great personalities using RAMA Nama. The best examples are Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Bhakta Ramdas(Bhadrachalam), Kabir Das, Tualsi Das and many more.

Reciting Rama nama is a common practice by Hindu, and it was more popularized by Mahatma Gandhi. He had a constant practice of reciting Rama Nama. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi it is said I have suggested Rama Nama as I have been familiar with it since my childhood, and as it is my constant support in my struggles. Rama Nama gives one detachment and stability, and never throws one off the balance at critical moments. The incantation of Rama Nama will free one from addictions and make one clean and get adored by others. It is said that when he was assassinated his last words were 'Rama, Rama.' None of his prayers have passed without Rama Nama Keertana.

Saint Tulsidas said that even if one repeats the mantra unconsciously, he is taken from hell to paradise. He said that he is as eager to repeat the mantra as a Chataka bird is to drink rain drops, the only source of its survival. Kabirdas believed that the benefits of Rama Nama cannot be destroyed or robbed.

The Ramayana, the story of Lord Sri Rama, teaches us two lessons; the value of detachment and the need to become aware of the Divine in every being. Faith in God and detachment from objective pursuits are the keys for human liberation. Give up sense objects, and you gain Rama. Sita gave up the luxuries of Ayodhya so she could be with Rama during His exile. When she cast longing eyes on the golden deer and craved it, she lost Rama's presence. Renunciation leads to joy; attachment brings about grief.

Sri Rama incarnated as a human being to promote peace and happiness in the world. Also called as Maryada Purushothama He was an embodiment and personification of all virtues, role model as a son, as a husband, as a brother, as an able administrator, as a friend, as a King, as a human being, and a role model for devathas. He was the best example of perfect character and human conduct, inspiring human beings for countless succeeding ages. Everyone should recognize the sweetness, sacredness, and divinity enshrined in the name Rama.

---Sri Rama Jay Rama Jay Jay Rama----

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