Wednesday, March 7, 2012

God Loving or God fearing ???

Hi Readers,

I got moved by one of the article published today in a leading news paper here, and wanted to share my view point over it.

The article was about overcoming one's own fear. It had two short stories one taken from Sufi stories and another from the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. I liked the view point of author in it and was moved by a statement where he wanted the readers to think of people who depict themselves as god fearing. I have personally come across people who mention they are god fearing. I was searching for a suitable bride for my brother in matrimonial sites, and many a times marked it.Usually, parent's mention it that their daughter is god fearing. Believing in God  or having strong faith in God is many a times marked as God fearing. However, as the author said, I agree with him, we love God not fear him. We should have a faith like a small child who when thrown in air laughs and has faith in us that we won't let him fall. But, yes this fear starts to occupy our mind when we reach the age of understanding things. As a small child we used to fear ghosts. When we were in school we feared examinations, then the result etc. After we complete our education, we feared of getting a job, gradually we are becoming more and more fearful. Yes, we do not show this fear but it is in our own mind.

As we can eradicate darkness by lighting a small candle, same way by having faith, trust and love in God and our own self, we can eradicate fear.If God is everywhere, if God is watching us, definitely he knows about our pain. He will help us in best way he can do.

Today, I was talking to my Mom about something, when she mentioned about her experience at bad times. She said," I did many attempts to over come that difficult phase, but it took me more than 3 yrs to overcome. I had met many people whom I thought would help me. They did not help me and my attempts went on failing one after the other. When I finally got over this phase, the person who helped me did it in just 8 days. I understood, the people who did not help me are not my enemy, instead they were my friends in some way, who showed me hope and kept up my spirit to drag through this entire 3 yrs."

Is not it true, I remember one good example of this while searching a job. When I attempted interviews and could not clear. However, these interviews had kept up my spirit and given me hope that I could get my desired job. When I got my job, it hardly took the HR team to select me in a day long process. So, my point in this is never to get disheartened by failure, but think of the hope that kept you going. The hope that gave you a positive state of mind. Love god and have faith, he will rescue you before you suffocate.

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