Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More altered boxes

Hi Friends,

Recently, I have altered few boxes at home to store my craft tit bits that used to lie here and there and made a mess. These boxes helped me to organize my crafty stuff more efficiently and hence reduced my work to assemble these small things after I finish making any craft. I have got a lot of cardboard boxes which received as gift wraps. I was thinking to alter them but never had patience to create similar stuff as before. I hardly like making similar stuff anyway, but needed them so made a few. I have also started working on other creative idea's to decorate these boxes, let's see how they turn up.

Below, I am sharing few pictures of the recently made boxes. Hope you enjoy them, and please do send in your feedback. If you want me to show you how I made them, then please post your comment, I will try to make a tutorial.

In this I have used punched flower and leaves beside my usual 3D outliner color.

This one is made using printed A4 size sheets with paper cut outs and punched hearts.

This is the final look of the first box I made

I am working on this unfinished box with tissue paper decoupage technique. I have used crimson yellow with brick red, but not sure if I would keep the same color going. Let's see how it will turn up in my upcoming post. 

If you wish you can have a look at my other altered boxes in the link below.

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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