Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it black or white?

Suman looked at the pearl earrings and her eyes kept watching it for a while. She remembered in few seconds the year that just passed by. The year which started with a big bang for her and exploded and snatched away everything that she admired.

One year back she met Abhinav, the first sight of him  led a spark through her blood. She had turned completely red and unknowingly she blushed. Her marriage got fixed. They started spending more and more time over phone,trying to know each other. Without even realising when both fell in love.

The D Day was arriving and they had so many plans to mark the greatest day of their life. They decided where and how they will make it a wonderful life for themselves. She still remember each and every word that Abhinav told her on those days. His excitement, enthusiasm and trust on her had made a new Suman altogether. Her world revolved just around Abhinav.

She dreamt of ways to make her Abhinav feel the happiest man on earth. She dreamt of making new dishes and dressing exactly the way he wanted to see her. They both had created an Excel sheet of what all things they should do in order to make this day the most remarkable day of their life. She had decided what she will gift her new family members. Everyday had become a rehearsal stage for her. She kept on scripting and re scripting the dialogues in her mind everyday. The excitement in her knew no bounds. Love and affection had taken center stage.

She heard the phone ring, and started to shiver. Now,her gaze turned towards the phone.She left the call unanswered as it reminded her about the call that shattered her whole world. That day, she was excitedly waiting for Abhinav's call. It was already 10 PM ,so she picked up her mobile to call him. The voice on the other end said the number is not reachable. She kept trying whole night and wishing he calls back. In morning she was almost in tears when she could not reach him still. But, whom would she tell all this. Weird thoughts popped and it made her more uneasy. Still she tried to keep her eyes closed. A loud noise outside broke the silence of the room as she along with her siblings rushed outside. She could not believe when her Mom yelled back Abhinav is no more. She remained stunned like a statue for about few hours.

The next thing she remembered was a hospital bed, where she had been admitted for 10 days. She came back home, and everything seemed to her as colourless. She is the first widow without a marriage. She could not believe she is widow still. She could hear Abhinav and feel the same warmth of his words. She picked the half filled glass of water and saw the white box nearby. She opened the box to see the pearl earring inside.

Now,another thought came to her mind, is it colour white that is in her life or is it colour black  What would she do without her Abhinav around? She picked another white box and opened to see the white pearl bracelet that it contained. These were her gifts on her birthday that she received as courier from Abhinav.Suddenly,a voice came" You are my angel". It was Abhinav, she wanted to hear more.... but there was only silence.

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