Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Babuji ne kaha gaun ko chhod do,sab ne kaha paro ko chhod do, paro ne kaha sarab ko chhod do...aaj tumne kaha haweli ko chhod do, ek din aayga jab woh kahega duniya hi chhod do..."

I heard a lot of lines from all my good friends and family that says merely to STOP something or other. I heard all with patience and just could get a lot of lines that says me to STOP somewhere at some point. However, I merely wanted advice and suggestion about what to do that can make me overcome some of my weaknesses. But, never really got any suggestion about it that I should do. There was a long list of what not to do. All of them were very appropriate at times that could help me but not a single thing that I should start doing.

Hearing this long list, one day I thought to myself, is it that my actions and thoughts  led me in wrong direction always,that I got such a huge list of what not to do over what to do. It has been my bad habit, that I keep asking everyone around to tell me something bad about me,so that I could see my image  through their eye. At first everyone hesitate to share this negative side, however when given the same chance again and again making them comfortable enough to speak up, they point to me my mistakes,however small or big it was.

Many come up with their views especially one's that says what I should not do. However, nobody really happens to say what otherwise is best thing that I should attempt doing.When I analyse, its general tendency to suggest someone what they should not do. But, when it comes to what should be done, all remain mum.

When we all can identify so easily what is wrong, then why we lack in suggesting what is right? Do we lack confidence in sharing our views and perspective? Why we turn speechless when someone wants genuine advice of what to do? We simply answer that we do not have idea whats right,though we know whats wrong.My last question to all of you is if we STOP every action and thought where will it lead us?

I remember the famous dialogue of film DEVDAS most appropriate to this

"Babuji ne kaha gaun ko chhod do,sab ne kaha paro ko chhod do, paro ne kaha sarab ko chhod do...
aaj tumne kaha haweli ko chhod do, ek din aayga jab woh kahega duniya hi chhod do..."

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  1. hehehehhe........this one really came fm ur heart, gud 2 question ourselves inspite of askin others ...nice one.


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