Friday, March 13, 2015

"Prayer and how it helps us"

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This article is based on the interview of Swamiji(forgot his name), he is follower of Dayananda Saraswati on Prayer. Dayananda saraswati was against Idol worship and he used to relate logically to God.

We often say that its all in Karma, Good Karma will produce good results and vice versa. So, why is Prayer required and what will it do?

Ans - Its true Good Karma produces good results and vice versa. And prayer gives us strength and ability to face and take difficult situation. That means in order to achieve good results, we need to keep doing good work, put in all our sincere and dedicated effort. So, if we are in this process of doing good karma, why we need prayer and if I do not pray how is it going to hamper me? This is a very valid question is not it? If its all in our work, and good Karma, why do we need to pray at all? Prayers gives us strength and ability to take on difficult situation. Its not that Prayer can amend our mistakes, but they can definitely give you that self confidence to take on challenging situation in your life.

Take for example, if a student do not study, but continuously pray to God that "Please God, give me 1st division in my exam." Is he going to achieve this?  No, right. Why? Because, without his effort to study and learn, he can not score high in exam. So, prayers alone cannot overcome all the challenges in life. Our sincere and dedicated effort is required to do so.

But, then why we say prayers are important. Prayers are needed to give us that confidence, mental strength and courage to face challenges. It helps us in sticking to the right path in life and not deviate towards wrong path. So, be it any religion, all preach to pray. All the holy scriptures prescribe to pray from heart. In this process, it is not at all mandatory to stick to any basic rule like wearing a particular kind of cloth, sitting or standing on a kind of posture or have lamps, candle's, incense stick and flower's etc. Then why we do all this? Yes, wearing a neat and clean cloth(particular kind of cloth), taking bath, cleaning the place of prayer, lighting lamps, incense stick and decorating with flower's help our mind to concentrate on a supreme power. It helps us prepare and fix our mind, soul and heart to that supreme power. It also makes us feel positive.

How it makes us positive? Keeping a place tidy, having good fragrance or  aroma, proper decoration with flowers etc add to positive vibes. They make us feel good. Taking shower, dressing properly makes us feel good from within, so we pray to Supreme power more effectively. Our prayers become more effective. This is why, in most of our festivals it is mandatory to first clean your house, decorate it, prepare good food and then place it before the supreme Lord and pray from heart. If we can still keep our focus on Supreme power, it is never restricted to pray while doing any work, be it travelling or doing any household chores.

But, yes we should never confuse that if we are praying we will not face challenges. We will face it, but our prayers will give us strength to be in right path in those tough times. We will come out as winners, if we do good Karma and be positive.


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