Thursday, March 19, 2015

Feeling Nostalgic

Hi Readers,

Today, I am feeling nostalgic. It happens to all, we miss our childhood days always.

 Last Diwali, got a chance to meet two of my old buddies. I always wanted to meet some more, but in a five days trip, I spend two days on performing puja. All thanks to my friends who managed and dropped in my home. I wish I could get more time. I went to Jajpur again for a special puja, visited Biraja temple, Jama maa sata bhauni temple(also known as sapta matruka temple), Jagannath temple. That day morning, I was literally wishing that Rupa would visit Biraja temple, with her kids, and I get some chance to chit chat. I know I could have called her, informed her or would have requested her to visit temple, but I knew I will be busy and may be I won't get time to talk to her. So, just kept wishing that she comes to temple, and I get to see her coincidentally.

After, the long puja, when we visited Jama maa sata bhauni temple along with Jagannath temple, all my school memories came alive. My school had shifted its base long back, and the old three room building stood abandoned. When I was a child, it appeared quiet big to me, the Jagannath temple looked big enough and the road looked wide. But, now it appears so very tiny to me. I stood their watching me as a small kid playing with friends, running inside temple compound. Memories came alive of all the yoga classes that was held in temple premises. Our sports day on other bank of Baitarani river. Playing, falling doing kattis and mittis with friends. Gone are those very beautiful days of life, where we never worried and just spend our days playfully.

I just wished I would have never grown up, and could enjoy same leisurely time with friends. When I met my friends in Cuttack, I never had imagined that we could. Post marriage, moving to other places, having a new family to handle, it is tough for girls to keep up with friends. We all  become occupied with our own stuff, and specially people like me who live in another city it is hard to manage and get time out to come back and meet with friends. When I met Nisha and Sagarika, our talks started with we all look almost the same, as we were in school. Then we spend time sharing and talking about our batch mates, our school. I know I can meet them again when I visit Cuttack. But,when will I be visiting Cuttack again?

Thanks to social networking sites and Whatsapp, we are in touch, we get to watch pictures of our friends. But, those bonding of childhood is what I really miss today.No mobiles, no internet and we shared so much. I wish again I could go back to school, Nisha and Sandhya would teach me bicycle ride, or we celebrate birthdays and enjoy in park.

Few days back got a message to join in a cricket match with school friends in Cuttack and a party post match. But, as always I am again going to miss this reunion party. I can just watch my friends enjoying in pictures, dancing and having fun. That is what I can do virtually. I wish I had a better choice to make. 

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