Monday, December 16, 2013

Too many Gods and Goddess

Hi Readers,

I am writing this article for those, who get easily confused as to which God or Goddesses to follow. It happens in Hinduism, where we have 33 crore God and Goddesses. I remember as I child, I saw my parents worship, Jagannath and Sarala(one form of Mother goddess Durga). They believed in these two and prayed to them. I followed the same and latter developed faith towards Hanuman the immortal God. By the time I was in college, I had developed faith in Ganesha. When I started working, I started believing in Lakshmi. Slowly and gradually the list kept on increasing. Now, I have reached a point, where I do not get enough time to recite all the Sloka's of all deity. I have divided the sloka's as per different days.

Many a times, few question erupted in my mind. God is one as per Gita. Be it Shiva, Vishnu or Mata, finally they commence into one. He is Nirakar or does not have any form. That is the reason why in my school Dayananda Anglo Vedic Public School, we used to read text from Dayananda Saraswati who read many scriptures and translated many vedic scriptures for general mass. He said, we should not advocate on worshiping a form or idol of deity because God is omnipresent and has no specific form. We are mere creatures created by his mercy and we do not possess that power to describe him. True is not it. If we believe in concept of God, then we also believe he is the supreme power, the creator, the destroyer and the preserver.

God is just like Sun and these various deities are like his rays. Though Sun ray's are many, ultimately the source is one. So, there is no necessity of praying to all the various forms of one Supreme Power. Instead of deviating we should have that faith and belief that the almighty is listening, is standing and is watching us. He is loving and protecting us always and he will do it for ever.

Today, morning I watched a show in which a person asked the guru about a similar experience. The person had shown his Jataka/horoscope to a known astrologer and he had advised him to worship a certain deity. On this the guru said, all deities are form of same supreme power, we should not deviate from what we have faith. Instead strengthen our faith on the same supreme being when in difficulty. He is present everywhere and is watching everything. Never pray out of fear but out of strong faith and belief just like a child holding on to his parents. In human birth we do not tend to switch our parents just because we do not like some of their qualities, then why we need to switch faith on that almighty who nurtures us forever.

Ohm Santi! Ohm Santi! Ohm Santi!!!!

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