Thursday, December 5, 2013

Indian Culture

Hi Readers,

Today, I am going to put my views on our tradition and culture. I do not mean to explain our tradition but yes, somehow I really feel good when I here some compliments about it from people of other country.

Working in MNC's we get to know people from other parts of our planet EARTH. When I joined my present organization, I got to directly work with people from US. I met some of them and talk to them quiet often. So, in these couple of years, I have known about their tradition and culture and have shared our culture and tradition with them.

It makes me feel good, when my colleague inquires for some good Indian movie with subtitles that she can watch. I like to describe and share photos that would help them understand Indian culture. But, its not at all easy task. We have so many different and distinct tradition in India, that makes us so very colorful. My colleague likes Ganesha and she managed to get a statue of Ganesha from India. Is not it lovely.

Definitely, working in cross culture and understanding other culture is not a easy task, but it takes very little effort when we really want to know. We Indian's readily accept and adjust to other countries and cultures, this is because we try to. This is certainly not just because we come from developing country so we would fall in love with developed country. When we can definitely others can and that happens easily for people just like my colleague who genuinely is interested in understanding different cultures.

I remember a foreign tourist who had taken up Hinduism and was following Krishna. I met him in Bangalore some four to five years back, just in front of Forum mall. He was distributing books on Krishna and making people aware of him. I was crossing the road with my friend, when he approached us. He started a conversation on Krishna, and I came to know that he had deeper understanding of Krishna than what I have. He gave me two small booklet's on Krishna with very interesting interpretation of Krishna and his activities. I remember I stood by just to listen to that man and took these booklets just because he was so much interested in telling us about Krishna.

 I do not know why but certainly all this makes me feel proud as an Indian, as an follower of Hinduism and to have such a strong culture that attracts people just by its color, calmness and peace. I have inserted some images of the major dance forms in India. All these are different are very colorful, from its attire to the techniques all vary.

There are so many and so different dance forms that I will not be able to provide all the images here. But, I take this opportunity to thank you everyone, who has showed interest to know our culture and tradition.

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  1. Here everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things.


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