Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This too shall pass...

Hi Readers,

I am back again with my thoughts.Sometimes, when we do same work day in and day seems to be boring, no excitement. True, even if there is fun and adventure filled in each day ,after a while that starts to feel boring.

If you ask friends, families they would suggest to go out have fun....blah blah. However, many a times we are so screwed that even if we want to plan something that does not work out. For example, you have an aging parent to take care of. Taking care of a patient would seem so boring when it continues for years. But, we require to do it. Sometimes, you have small children, whom we can't take to all places where we want to go. This is when life seems so odd.

 With evolution of technology and social media, this has made the situation even more tricky. We get to see what our friends are doing. Sometimes, it gives us idea as to what we could do and sometimes we really feel jealous why we could not. But, yes certainly we have reasons why we could not do. Though, no one else might know what has restricted you, you know it. This is not the time to feel otherwise, but focus on where we need to provide support and love. For some of us, we have house to be cleaned, children to be loved and job to go to. The channel of our life cannot be turned and we should not be day-dreaming of doing so. Life is sometimes hard, sometimes boring but that is Life. Life has a purpose, a meaning and we are not meant to watch it but live it.Not to seek love, but to seek to provide love.

When life seems to be tough, and we feel unloved, forgotten or worthless, that is when life is most meaningful. That is when we should focus on life, and try our best to achieve its purpose. When we want to ask " Does it matter if I live" that is when we should shift our focus and make our life matter, we should shift focus from receiving love, to giving self less love. Our life goes through changes, phases, of episodes, of tragedies, but it goes on. And it goes on with a purpose.

I remember my Mother used to say, ask god to give you patience, tolerance and strength to face any difficulty. I never used to get why she used to say this, why she never said me to ask for wealth, health or something else. Now, as I age, my Mom's word seems so true. Our life and its purpose can only be achieved with patience and strength.She used to say, everyone goes to God, they blast at him for not providing this , that etc etc. God has so much of patience that he listens to everyone. Ask him to give a portion of his patience, a portion of his tolerance and a portion of his strength.

I don't know how, but with challenges that you face each and everyday, the quality of patience and tolerance grows automatically. If you feel you are being impatient... then try and ask almighty to give you a portion of his. After all this is a part of your life, this is not the end. So, remember this phase will also pass and you will get another morning filled with what you wanted. Till that time, have patience and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS. 

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