Tuesday, June 11, 2013

zindegi ab tu hi bata mein pyar ab tujh ko kaise karu....

     Zindegi ab tu hi bata mein pyar tujh ko kaise karu,

I have put this for Jiah Khan, Indian Bollywood actress who committed suicide last week. I don't want to discuss Jiah as such but saw many comments  for and against this dusky Diva in Facebook. Someone wrote, even teenagers are more matured than her after her suicide note was found and publicized. True, time has changed and even teenagers won't go behind cutting their hands and writing letters in blood. Very few teen's take their life for love. But, I have some questions in my mind that made me write this down.

What is maturity? Is it dumping someone? Is it handling a torn heart and again forcibly making it ready to get similar pain's?

I don't want to justify what one should do or not do. I just want to elaborate that feeling of having a broken heart. Nobody can change another persons mind by doing anything. Influencing another person to that extend is really hard and not so worthwhile. True, one should move on. But all this lines feel like philosophy and stupid lecture at that time. You choose someone to trust and your decision was wrong. That person is not trustworthy may be not a responsible person to take stand for what he/she has done.

 That moment when you loose control over pain is the time you think why I am here, I do not want to witness all this and take pain again. It is a very impulsive pain. A pain that is hard to withstand. Everyone, who has broken would have got the signals much earlier. But, yes not listening to one's intuitions and still believing in your heart that things will turn in your favor is your biggest mistake. You would either loose interest in having a proper meal or you overindulge in it. Sometimes falling sick of just crying over and over.  This is the saddest and most painful feeling that your closest person can give you. A very sharp and back stabbing feeling. As though you were having a poisonous snake with you and you loved it, fed it so that it can bite you.

We have created this society made its rule so that that could benefit us. But, this society and our laws have nothing big for these kind of people who play with emotions and back stab another. Now, teenagers and adults have more issues related to heart broke, be it before or after marriage. We all need to think and come up with answers for, the values,which are missing that is adding up to this problem. How we can make this a better place relationship wise.What should be our core value that we can give to our next generation that it will not have to withstand all this drama. Handling it somehow, letting go, is not solving the entire problem in picture ...

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