Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loneliness,patience and a prayer to almighty

Today, I was talking to an old friend. I do not want to name her, but we shared room in Bangalore. She is a simple girl, simple in terms of dressing herself modestly. Simple, in terms of dreaming and being ambitious about life. As far as I know her she never had any boyfriend. She just wanted a life partner.

Her sole aim was to make her family happy and proud. She was hardworking and got placed in a reputed organisation. After her job she had only one hobby, reading spiritual books of SriMaa and Aurobindo. I had a chance to visit the Aurobindo Ashram with her couple of times. We used to purchase lots of book from the Ashram store. We both used to visit Iskon temple several times and we were regular at the malls and commercial street. We both used to have our breakfast in our PG and then start our journey. Full day shopping, movie etc with lots of mouth watering foods and then used to return to our PG when we would just come back and fall asleep.

Those were one of the best days, we used to plan then that if we get married and settle down at same city, then we would re-live these moments again and again. We would leave our husbands at home and go together. But, sadly this never happened.

One day, she got transferred and left Bangalore with many dreams and I was left alone to succumb in loneliness. I did not get any better friend than hers in my PG. Rest were just  acquaintances, some with bad temperament, some with too much attitude and few more who were reluctant to speak in any other language leaving their mother tongue. I had another roommate also but she loved being alone. She only used to talk about TV soaps with me. At that time, I missed her badly. I felt like I am made to just work and then live in my loneliness. I tried but never got an opportunity to be with her again.

But, at least god has been benevolent to give me a partner who is their to listen to me, to support me. After, four years at least I have a family to live with.But, my dear friend is still waiting to get a partner. She stays alone. Her younger sister got married and she is yet to find a good match. The match making procedure is really not very appealing experience to live again and again. And it becomes extremely annoying when your parents also would start sending in every individual to you, without even considering any aspect. I may not understand how parents actually feel about it. But, yes this is not something any girl would like to undergo again and again. She has that feeling now.

I can understand and many others would do who have had similar experiences, but can anything liberate them of this pain. Still, many of our classmates are not married. Most of them would definitely be feeling similar pain if not staying with any family or friend. Sometimes, others pain is so much more painful that you actually forget your part of pain. Yes, problems and pain are one essential part in day to day life. And that hold good here.

I just want to co-relate the saying that you have to learn from your problems and life teaches it in a bitter way. But, how the problems that my friend is experiencing right now give her a lesson. What sort of lesson she should learn? Yes, someone can say why she herself do not try and find a partner. True, this holds good for many other countries. But, this is India, even if  she gets a partner, the road to being success would not come easily.

Now, lets leave India aside, even in other countries this problem would be there. People may find it difficult to get appropriate match. I just want to understand how they live, not mere live but enjoy being single and alone.

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