Friday, February 10, 2012

Shankasti dates and time of moon rise for year 2012

Hi Readers,

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Shankasti, I am sharing the date and time of Moon rise. I wish my prayers along with thousand other devotees be granted, Lord Ganesha may bestow his blessings upon us, and take away  all the hurdles from our life and remove all impurities from our heart. He may show us the path to reach our desired destiny and make all our life more harmonious.

" Ohm! Gam Ganapateyah Namah!"

DateMoon rise
Thursday, January 129:17 pm
Friday, February 109:03 pm
Sunday, March 119:44 pm
Monday, April 99:32 pm
Wednesday, May 910:20 pm
Thursday, June 79:57 pm
Friday, July 69:28 pm
Sunday, August 59:24 pm
Tuesday, September 4 (Angarika Santashti)9:15 pm
Wednesday, October 38:32 pm
Friday, Novermber 28:43 pm
Sunday, December 29:09 pm


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