Thursday, January 19, 2012

My new embroidery

Hi Readers,

I have completed stitching another embroidery pattern that I designed from my imagination. It took me quiet a long time to complete this flower vase, may be because I was reluctant in completing it, or may be because I had lesser time than before. Yes, another important factor is I had completed it about a month back, but was quiet lazy in uploading it over net. Anyhow, today I finally have time and patience to introduce my blog friends/ readers with my little creativity.

Sometimes, I dream to take up some job which will enhance my creative side. I simply want to run away from this monotonous job and find something interesting, something from my hobby.  But, I must agree, I cannot afford to do that now. Do not know if I could make it possible someday in my whole life, but yes I am sure that will be way far more satisfying than doing this monotonous job years and years over.However, I do not hate this job that I do. This is my bread and butter earning job and a respectable job to sustain in this society. I always look forward to take up two jobs at a time, one to use my technical skill and other to use my creativity.

I know in others part of this world, people are allowed to take up two jobs at a time.  May god fulfill my wish to take up two jobs, and more importantly I could learn time management without harming my personal life. I am sorry readers, I got deviated from where I started, I had to introduce my embroidery design. Now, lets talk about that.

I have applied few techniques that are used in Brazilian embroidery technique like the Cast-On stitch, the weaved spider wave stitch, feather stitch, weaving, raised button hole stitch and so on... Now is the time that you view my embroidery and give your valuable feedback.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and spending your time in reading my thoughts. I appreciate your esteemed feedback.

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