Thursday, January 5, 2012

Women - Issues in past and in 21st century.

Hi Readers,

I thought of writing something positive at the beginning of this year, however I could not find a better topic to discuss. Researched over the web to find something that would be motivating and could find only one about the NAWAB BEGUM'S OF BHOPAL. These incredible women from Muslim community were the only women rulers of India before Britisher's took over. Their vast knowledge on politics, administration, justice and also in relationship with Britisher's is something worth noting. However, I could not find much to write about them except finding few photographs that kept my interest on noting these women covered head to toe in bur-qua and attending the ceremonies in London with the viceroy of East India company.

It is no doubt that women in Indian history has stood beyond odds to prove her knowledge, strength and courage. However, there are still some vital issues which stands as a barrier in many women in this modern age. The life's of women has improved thousand times and it has empowered them to overcome much difficult situations. However, the issues back at home are something that has taken new shape and figure. It is hard to learn from our elder generation as these problems have raised lately in our generation.

Though after reading few motivational passages from India's glorious past, I was taken over by the negative feeling after talking to one of my friend. My intention here is to just clarify the situations that worsen many weak situations in a modern Indian women's life.

The problem is insecurity and unsatisfactory. In today's date where everyone is working and each family has two equally potential working partner's, these issues seem endless. People, who get good growth in early life especially guy's, they become so ambitious that they want to have  endless number of properties, vehicles. The desire to have more, makes them to take up job elsewhere. Gradually, their interest in raising a family, giving their time and love to family member's fade. They somehow forget that every relationship needs their own input to make it stronger. However, it now appears that the women of the house should give up all her wishes, her choice and desire to fulfill her husband's need. The women no doubt attempts to make all required  things to keep the family running smoothly. But, where is the end ?

Take for example my friend whose husband returned from America after 6 yrs of his stay. He returned because he had problems with his colleagues, though there was so much things waiting for him back home, he had least interest in them. His only child about a year old was waiting to get a glance of his Dad, his wife was waiting to see her husband after a year. But, the feeling of being unsatisfied had taken him under its grip. He seem dissatisfied to return to India, just because he wants even larger things in his life, which he thinks he cannot get by staying in India. Is their any end to greed & dissatisfaction ?

His wife, though having no choice has given up all hope. She has no desire and choice but to follow what her husband wants her to do. These things might seem very simple and easy, but is equally hard to make someone understand that his anger and frustration is not something which will get him somewhere.

People say women are jealous. But, these typical behavior of male proves they are more jealous, greedy as compared to women. As far as my own view is concerned I have seen women who always want ornaments, house or vehicle as their friend or relative. But, the number is quite meager compared to number of men who wants everything big in their life. The number of women adjusting to situation still remains more compared to men adjusting to situation.

I would request all my readers to think before they expect or keep their ambition too high, that it leads to unhealthy competition. Competition is good and healthy when its taken in right way and with right spirit. There is always one door open when all other closes. Please find your alternative before being dissatisfied or frustrated.

With this I would like you all to set your own goals, your own choices and priorities so that you can choose and live satisfied with your achievements when you could fulfill at least the major one's.

Thank you Friends.

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