Monday, May 2, 2011

Words of Affirmation

Hi Readers,

I have written few blogs on critic's and criticism. Today, again I am writing on same. I just read an article that spoke about words that we hear everyday. The effect of the words- positive or negative on our mind.

Few years back when I visited my village, I met a young girl, who was declared mentally retarded. About 10 yrs back when that same girl was a toddler, there was no sign of any deformity in her. I was wondering, how could someone with age develop deformity. Yes, many a times child is born with deformity, and sometimes he/she develops deformity due to acute inferiority complex.

This young girl was always compared with her younger sister. Her grand parents, always spoke in a manner to let her know, how her younger sister is better of than her. The child psychology so changed with time that, she severed if given any task. Though she could perform the same equally well, she started to think she can never be as good as her sister. Now, when she should be attaining college, she dropped back and did not even have self confidence to step on to the college premises.

The same thing happens to every individual. When repeatedly something is said to us, we start to think and believe that we are like that. If someone, says you are proud of your position repeatedly, our subconscious mind drags us to think on this point. We start to think on what basis could someone say this to me.

I found myself in same situation many times, when some of my friends pointed that I am proud because I topped the college semesters. I could not believe at first, someone after so many years could point me on this. How should I react to this statement? I got enough comments back in college days, however, there is no end to it still. People still think I have some ego for this. At first, I tried to justify, it is not correct assumption about my nature. Then, I realised the person has got it stuck in his brain cells, and would never believe whatever I say. He has got it straight that I am proud of my position in college, now in my job and so on. Still, this will be a mystery for me to solve, and I planned to stop it then and there itself.

People, take you for granted because you speak sober, you respond to them immediately. Instead, if I could answer more diplomatically and respond with a big "NO" to any invalid comments, it would have saved a lot my energy. There, are very few people who can really admire you without envy on your position. So, better to stop listening to such people who speak negative words always. They either lack their own confidence or they try to make you more negative towards life. Positive words boost our self confidence and negative lowers the same. Yes, its my inborn nature that I take criticism as the level of my success. The more people are envy on me, the more I am successful. If you have same attitude then afford these critics in your life or else better do not risk.

Thank you.

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