Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Setting priorities in life

Hi Readers,
Just now, I read a beautiful message which spoke about balance in life and priorities in life. Based on this line, I remembered a story once my Aunt shared with me. Now, let me first narrate the same story for you.

Once, a teacher carried some objects to her class. When the class began, she took a open jar and wordlessly started filling it up with rocks of about 2 mm in diameter.

She then asked the class if the jar was full, and they all agreed it was.

Then she took handful of small pebbles and put it inside the jar. She shook ed the jar gently. The pebbles settled inside the small spaces between rocks. Then once again she asked to the class, is it full? The class unanimously answered back "YES".

Now, she took sand and poured it inside the jar and shook it. The sand settled in every corner that was left free. She then asked again," Is it full?". The students agreed it was.

Now, the teacher turned back to the class and said," I want you to recognize,this jar as your life. The rocks as your family, your partner,your health and your children. The pebbles as your house,job,vehicle etc. And the sand as other minute things. "

" If everything is lost expect the rocks in the jar, the jar remains full. Same is true in life. If your family,partner,health and children are with you, then life remains full. They are the ones to be given highest priority over other materialistic things, like job, house etc. The sand is everything else- the small stuffs. If you spend all your time and energy in gathering these small stuffs, you will miss out with the one which is important. So, pay attention to things that are critical for your happiness and be easy on others. Take your time with your spouse,spend Sundays with family and children and worry less for achieving other things."

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