Saturday, August 3, 2013

Handmade Rakhi Cards

Hi Readers,

Time again to share with you my new creations for the coming festive season. I just completed making Rakhi cards for my loving brothers. Last time, I had made cards with same material but different design for both of them. When I showed them, both of them said the card I made for other one is better than what he received. Therefore, I had decided to make same card pattern for both of them. Yes, I can't make a ditto copy as that is too boring to make equal and similar looking cards. So, I choose same pattern but different color to at- least make me feel like I am doing a different one.

So, now my friends you can also choose similar patterns and make your Rakhi cards for the coming Rakshya Bandhan. Wish you all a very happy Rakshya Bandhan ahead.


  1. hey, so beautiful cards i just love them and my brother also love to have these rakhi cards through

  2. Handmade card is really a very nice idea. There are many people who love handmade things. You can make cards and send Rakhi to UK free shipping too.


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