Monday, August 5, 2013

Shiva or Krishna:- Whom do you believe?

About five years back, my close friend asked me this question, " Whom do I believe? Which God do I love most and have my firm faith on? " I just thought for a while and told Lord Hanuman. She said Hanuman is a form of Shiva or Rudra so you are Shaivait. Well, even today I am not clear and I am really confused whom do I love the most.Which God do I have firm faith on.

I worship almost every important God head in Hinduism. I keep Monday fast for Shiva, I worship Ganesha on every Sankasti Chaturthy, I do fasting on Navratras. Yes, I do not keep fasting on Janmastami as it is my Mother's Birthday. Well, if her birthday would not have fallen on Janmastami I would have kept fast on that day too. 

My everyday worship starts with Mantra's of Ganesha, followed by all other deities. So, whom do I believe most. When I visit temples, it is not because I have faith on the God head but because that temple is one of the well known temple and also  I visit all the temple near my home on occasions. So, from where would I get this answer. 

Yes, as a child I worshiped God as a practice not as a firm belief. May be my parents never forced their belief on us, they just allowed each of us to gradually develop our own spiritual interest. When I completed my tenth, I developed spirituality and faith on God. I knew by that time that, according to Hinduism, only Lord Hanuman is immortal and he is present in that his original form somewhere. So, I developed faith towards him. It was my daily practice from then on to worship him, and utter his chalisa. 

Gradually, my faith on God deepened and by now I believe on more than dozen of God heads and utter their respective Mantra's everyday. I must agree that I am not in a position to judge on whom do I have more faith. Yes, some people make their wish and ask a particular deity to fulfill it and accordingly they believe in that God head. However, in my case I would pray to almost everyone. 

 I know my Dad believes in Vaisnav and my Husband on Shakti. But, I do not know whom my Mom believes more, may be her answer will be same as mine. She prays everyday to almost dozens of deity. This post will appear as confused or may be Hinduism as confused with so many deities. Yes, true sometimes because of this I start believing in Mahima Cult where they believe God is one without any form. He is supernatural or supreme power that guides us. 

In Hinduism we have associated each God with nature, like wind god, fire god etc and also with each aspect of human nature, with specific task and specific way of appeasing our wish. 

I wrote this because, just now I came across a blog, the author is a firm devotee of Shiva and has many post against Vaisnav and ISKON. Do we need to write something against someone's belief. After all we are all humans with same features and the difference is in our belief. Who knows which is true, what is correct? It is immaterial till the time it serves its purpose of existence. We have divided people into so many religions and if inside religion we start fighting, what purpose will the religion have. 

Faith in almighty helps us lighten our stress, helps us in keeping our self grounded and in someway spirituality is the relieving factor in tough times. Almighty is one on whom we leave every unaccomplished and seemingly impossible task to get some miracle do it for us. We curse him, turn to him and bind our faith on him in tough times. The most important thing , this does is relieve us of our stress for the time being. 

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