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Today, I want to dedicate this page to footwear. Footwear or shoe is not allowed inside Indian kitchen and in temples, other than this it has a very special place in trade,tradition and protest. Footwear has given someone his daily bread and someone its a means to protest. Throwing shoe at the victim of protest or making a garland of shoe and placing it around the effigy is a mark of protest. After China, India has gained a special position in shoe manufacturing. However, we still have thousands of people who have never used a pair of shoe in their lifetime. Footwear has many story linked to it, however it has only one aim that is to serve mankind.

When was shoe invented? To keep feet warm and protected it was first invented nearly 20 to 40 thousands years ago. However, Indian mythology suggest its use even much earlier. Earlier shoe was made up of wood or leather, in 20th century the use of plastic, rubber and synthetic polymer in manufacturing shoe was started. In year 1840 the first footwear design specifically for ladies started with the footwear of Queen Victoria.

Prativa Ray , Odia author with a story linked with footwear was able to get goose bumps in all her readers. The story was about a uncle and his nephew. The uncle who with utmost difficulty was able to make his nephew a much educated and established person, had one wish, that is to wear a pair of slippers. However, the nephew who had settled in city and was obsessed with his work had completely forgotten his uncle's wish. When he remembered about it, it was too late. Like the character of "Uncle" who knows if many would have still the same dream of wearing a pair slipper.

India is second largest manufacturer of shoe in the world after China. Almost all the well known brands have started manufacturing from India after getting license. In whole world except India, the footwear industry make a more production of women footwear. However, in India it is The reverse case. India produces most for men footwear.

Odisha had earned great reputation at the time of independence for shoe making. Madhusudan Das ( Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das) had set up a Shoe manufacturing company which had around 100 cobbler and 300 helper. These workers were so linked with Madhusudan Das that they were able to impress Mahatma Gandhi . This organisation was able to leave its footprint in Gandhi, and he had set up a tannery unit in his Sabarmati Ashram. One day, Madhusudan Das found a small hole in one of the shoe produced by his organisation Utkal Tannery. He never wanted to cheat his customer and thought the leather must not be in good condition due to which there was a hole. So, he had burnt all the shoe produced out of the same leather.  People still talk about his patriotism and noble  attitude.

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