Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I always find myself obsessed,emerged and enthralled by something or the other.For past couple of weeks it's been two things: embroidery and food. Embroidery because I really love the tiny work with perfection. Though I must admit I am a learner, now I am obsessed to learn Brazilian embroidery techniques. It has driven me crazy as whenever I apply a new technique it comes out to be so beautiful. However, I must not call it Brazilian embroidery as I don't get the correct set of floss here.

Still, I am loving to learn these fine technique, which appear to be so sophisticated until you actually try them. Yes, Embroidery requires a lot of patience. And sometimes it's really hard to concentrate on same project that last long.

And the second thing that has kept me busy is my love for food. Well, I tried many new dishes in last couple of weeks. My husband loved them, that satisfies me when he says,"Oh! its really good to taste." I wish he would give me a certificate instead. Ha Ha Ha... All this has kept me so busy that I forgot to write. Though I could upload the pictures of all my embroidery anytime. I am feeling sad that I didn't took a bit to take few shots of my food.

Anyway, I will present my embroidery collection recently. Here, is a picture of Kamal Kadai or weaving stitch. I will be posting the other pictures soon.

The picture below is when i converted this sampler into a 20X20 pot holder.

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