Friday, August 19, 2011

My first Kutchwork

Hi Readers,

Today for the first time I am going to write about my other activities. While searching on net I got an interesting tutorial about Kutch embroidery. It was in fact one of the confusing and complicated design pattern. However, I was really attracted to its beauty.

When I got some time for myself at the end of the day, I could not resist myself to try the pattern. I tried with just a single colour thread on a Sambalpuri cloth. The geometrical pattern was at first little critical. I tried from the very simple design and in just one day learnt two different design patterns. You can see my design in both the pictures. It came out really well and took me to another step in my creativity.

The pleasure to see my own work gives a lot of satisfaction. I remember one of my friend's word, that " Be creative and be productive. Do not indulge in unnecessary gossips." True, i have never felt so satisfied and happy to just indulge in gossips. Instead, I feel great when someone gives a nice comment after reading my posts and when I see my crafts and needlework.

My journey with crafts came about in a way that I never dreamt about. The basic of all crafts and needle work was taught to us in school. However, I never had time to make them my real hobby. When I was in Bangalore and stayed in a hostel along with my friends, this came to me as a hobby because of an unfortunate incident. One of my close friend had issues with her roommates. Her roommates never co-operated with her and always wanted to disturb her. And she found it uneasy to stay in that room. However, she wanted to be with us so she did not wanted to change the Hostel. One day, we decided to make some crafts which will make us busy and she need not feel disturbed by her roommates. We started our first project to create a applique bed sheet. And you know what, the girls who disturbed my friend gradually started to see us work and then stopped all the disturbances.This ultimately lead to solve the cold war between roommates. And we got our new hobby.

The most interesting thing of having a great hobby is to not feel lonely. It keeps us so busy that we forget that we are alone. Be it reading a novel, painting or anything that involves just one person, then you never have to depend on others. Yes, its great to have friends who join hands in your activity too. I find this as a great stress reliever.

I would say, have some time for yourself and get indulged in activities that interest you. You will see the difference and feel the great FEEL GOOD FACTOR.  

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