Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am for a corruption free India... Are you?

Nowadays, the streets of India are choked with anti-corruption crusaders, and the walls are marked with busy slogans. Last Friday, I marked a slogan written on a guy's T-shirt," I AM FOR A CORRUPTION FREE INDIA? ARE YOU?" Who could fail to agree with that? It is somewhat like " I am Pro-justice? Are you? It is a sort of self-righteous political claim that is designed to cancel debate rather than to encourage it.

There is a lot of chaos and demonstrations going on street in support of yet another emerging "Gandhi" of India, ANNA HAZARE. Whenever I open a news channel, it directly takes me to the events that are being conducted by common mass of India in favour of this Gandhian leader who has gone on fast to pass a bill, that would take India one step forward to fight against corruption at ground level. This movement has come about to stop the corruption that the common people face day in and day out in order to complete their work.

Last week, there was widespread demonstration at India gate.People gathered at large mass to support Anna Hazare. My facebook floods with pictures that my friends have posted after joining the camp. It is not just limited to Delhi, people from all the cities are conducting various demonstrations.If you look at these people from a distance it appears like "Men in Black @ Work". People in black dress with placards in their hand, distributing pamphlet's to support Team Hazare and India against Corruption to pass the Jan Lokpal bill.

I am not sure how far its going to take us with the movement against corruption with Team Hazare and India Against Corruption. Sometimes, I doubt the big haul that this movement has created, is it going to give us equally rewarding benefits. I am still unsure with the posts and mails that I receive everyday in favour of Hazare and peculiarly against each and every politician. Sometimes, I feel we are shouting a lot in Facebook, is it really going to work? Many doubts creeping in my mind, still I hope strongly to see a India  without any corruption. I hope to see this movement come up with a result that is truly in favour of common mass. I hope one day, I need not have to say ," I AM FOR A CORRUPTION FREE INDIA, ARE YOU?"

------------Jai Hind!!---------------

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