Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Life is short...so break the rules...."

There would have been many stories which had come up this way and we had heard the issue of Euthanasia in our newspapers now and then. However, this is my first experience in seeing it in characters,played wonderfully by the charming and handsome magician - Hirthik Roshan.

First, time a movie made me realise the pain seeing one's own close ones suffer and plead for death.

Recently, my neighbour and cute little sister Jeenie died of Thalassemia. I met her just week before her death. Could not believe she is no more just after a week. Thalassemia is the genetic defect,which could be either either mutation or deletion, results in reduced rate of synthesis or no synthesis of one's globin chains that make up hemoglobin.In simple words, the blood formation is either deformed or does not happen up to the requirement of the body. People affected with Thalassemia major undergo treatment that requires chronic blood transfusion therapy.

Usually, thalassemia is detected at an early age and the child hardly completes his/her teen age. Jeenie lived 13 yrs and finally left all of and the suffering that she went through these years.

We definitely miss her and her sweet talks. However, we are happy that her suffering finally came to an end. When I watched this movie Guzaarish, tears came in my eyes thinking of Jennie and her parent. How painful it would have been for her parent when they would have come to know that they have to watch their small child struggling to live and finally one day, she will leave them. How would have they managed their emotions while watching little Jennie undergoing blood transfusion therapy.

There are many such painful and chronic diseases that not only makes one paralysed but puts the whole family into a paralysed state. Hats of to the hero's who overcome such physical pain and set themselves as a good example, they help others emotionally. Hirthik as radio jockey helped many find the real answers of life.

However, what is life? How seriously should we take life? When we watch our near and dear ones struggling to live... Indeed the line is beautifully written and well said...

" Life is short... so break the rules... forgive quickly,kiss slowly,love uncontrollably,and do not regret for something that made you smile. "

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