Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ways to make life easy again..

We often think life was pretty easy when we were young. We had no fear, no tension, no plans and no results to come up. We always feel the old days could make a comeback and we could enjoy like kids.

Yes, it’s possible to make life easy again. As we grow old we complicate things. As a child we had no knowledge of what we own, how we look, what others have, how they look. With age, we compare our living with our peers. We compare the way we look. We compare on everything that is around us. That is the reason why we say god truly smiles with the smile of a kid.  We find happiness when we are satisfied that we have is enough, and the next moment someone tries to cross this, we become unhappy. As a child we fell thousand times before standing up. We fell thousand times before learning to walk. We cried but we never gave up the process of falling. However, when we grow, we hesitate to fall. We decide on an advance that everything should go on in our favor. Rather than solving the problem which caused us to fall, we avoid it all together.
As a child we used to value promises a lot. All of us would remember the time when you become angry with your Dad or Mom for not taking you for a picnic or not preparing your favorite cake. However, when we grow up, we follow the elders in making and breaking promises. We forgot the pain that caused us to cry for breaking simple promises, however now we make bigger promises and break them so easily. Some promises that we make to external world and some to our own people. However, all are broken.
As a child we never used to read someone’s mind before talking, however now as a grown up individual we try to see what the actual motive of the person, even before starting the conversation.
As a child we politely admitted what we liked and what we did not. However, as grown up we try to be as much diplomatic as possible. We hesitate to say a simple sorry or apologies for our mistakes. We try to make our living simpler by putting others into complicated situation. We count more on what we don’t have and rush towards achieving it, than counting on what we have. We forgive less, forget more. We love less and expect more. The inner peace gets vanished when we try to see our faults and our miserable state that we cannot even apologize for our mistakes.
We return even the slightest bruise or pebble thrown at us with cannon. We as grown up we are more revengeful; we try to foresee the future. But, we forget future will unfold by itself.  We try to impose our wishes on our parent, child, siblings and everyone around us. However, we forget that god has decided the best for us. We forget that we cannot change the future and the nature.
There are many ways that can make our life easier, below are few points.
1-      Never make promises that you intend not to fulfill. Try to fulfill the first promise that you make before you make another.
2-      Don’t lie a person just for your selfish interest.
3-      Welcome everyone with a smile. But, don’t consider everyone as a friend. Instead, nurture the relationship that really matters to you.
4-      Don’t be good to someone if you really don’t mean it.
5-      Learn to apologies. By being sorry, you will not be the weakest one, but even stronger to accept your mistakes.
6-      Live below your means. Don’t buy stuffs that you don’t require. And don’t buy something out of jealousy.
7-      Follow your heart. Don’t waste your time fulfilling someone else’s dream and desire.
8-      Say “I love you” as many times as possible to loved ones.
9-      Be thankful to the people who help you.
10-   Help someone, when you are held up in traffic than cursing for being late.
11-   Make mistakes, learn from it and don’t be pessimist that you cannot overcome it.
12-   Realize that you are never quite right as you think you are.
13-   Be curious to learn new things.
14-   Accept the truth, rather than proceeding with another lie.
15-   However, good or bad the present situation is, it will change very soon. Accept this truth.
16-   Health is wealth. So, take good care of your health.
17-   Remember, money cannot buy everything.
18-   Not only try to maintain relationship in your life, but also maintain life in your relationship.
19-   Don’t spend time and thoughts on people who only think about themselves, who do not care about you as a person or who don’t care about how you feel. Place your time on someone who will add colors to your life. Life is too short to waste on empty conversation.
20-   Compromising does not mean that we are wrong and someone is right. It only means that we value our relationship more than our EGO.
21-   Relationship is like books. It takes few seconds to burn. But, it takes years to write. So, preserve your relationship.
22-   We think something will happen and we will be happy, however, it’s our inner self which can make us happy or feel sad. When we are in bad mood even slightest noise makes us feel irritated. Try to devote sometime to yourself. And learn to do something just for yourself. Make yourself happy. When you are happy then everything will seem to be happy.

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