Thursday, July 7, 2016

A question to my Lord Jagannath!!

Hi All,

Its after long time that I have decided to blog today. Today, morning while praying suddenly one question erupted in mind. I asked it to Jaga Kalia, while his big round eyes were still gazing at me. Then I just discussed same thing with my mom and my aunt. Now, finally at night I decided to post this view here in blog for everyone.

Why it appears that some people get a blessed life full of joy, happiness and things that would envy others, while some get a miserable life, full of problems? Mostly, it appears people who never listen to their parents, they think less about others and are more self centered enjoy their whole life. But, the one who thinks of others before self is always trapped in problems. And when God creates this universe, he creates humans and he protects them, then why cant he maintain a balance in their life. Why at all he has punish one from the childhood and let other enjoy life throughout.

Its not that one person committed some bad Karma in past life and is repaying always. I understand bad karma gives bad result. But, what about the good deeds that same person makes in this life. Can't he enjoy and be blessed for his good Karma as well.

We all keep on forwarding messages of great people who have succeeded in overcoming life's misery and have managed to gain popularity. But, there could be million others with similar life's misery and may be they would have lost the battle without succeeding, what about them. One man like Colonel Harland Sanders could manage to overcome misery at age of 65, but there could be many more with similar fate, who would have lived a life of misery.

We advice others to maintain a good balance in life. Its easy to say and do for some, as life blesses them with what they want in just the time they need it. What about the rest who struggle to achieve simple happiness of life? People come and easily say " Time is running out, you should work towards this before its late". But, the miserable person has to still post a fake smile and say yes its all in God's hand. Because that person knows its beyond his/her strength to get something that appears for the adviser as something that can be easily achieved.  My question to my beloved Lord Jaga is when he can see through the miseries of people, why cant he make a balance in everyone's life. Why he has to give all happiness to one and make the other miserable through out life. Its not there is no misery for the one in happiness, but it is much smaller for with respect to the miserable one.

Take for example this story of a girl. A girl is born, may be the third girl to her parents, who did not love her since she was a girl. They waited for a boy and girl, they just want to do their duty. The girl spent her childhood hoping to trying to see love in her parents eye. When she grew up, she studied hard, got a job. Loved a guy madly and wanted him to respect that. But, when the Guy had to marry her, he left because he wanted something else. She then waited and finally married another guy, but did not get the love that she wanted. She then thought of having child. But got to know she has issues their too. Struggled hard and waited long to achieve that. And this goes on.

While another girl born to other family got pampered from beginning. Got all the love & pampering. Did not try to study hard but  was blessed with good memory and knowledge. Scored high and got dream job. Fell in love and got married to same guy. She went around the world and had enough money to buy whatever she likes. She got child exactly when she wanted to start a family. And this went on till end of her life.

Both the girls were good at heart persons and never did anything harmful to others. So, Lord Jagannath, do you really enjoy misery of first girl and happiness of second that you planned life this way. You could have mixed there happiness and sorrows to give each of them a mixture of both. But, you never did. So, you failed to maintain balance in their lives. Its pathetic to think and plan life to be balanced. Because that balance was not created by the creator.So, what can a man do? He can just lead a life. Someone, might get blessed at a later part like the owner of KFC at age of 65, but all are not lucky enough.

Dear lord Jagannath, you celebrate life journey during this nine days festival of Rath Yatra, you do no partiality on basis of caste, creed, religion or region. But, what about the fate that is created by you. Do you give a balanced fate to all? the answer is NO. Why this partiality? Why cant it be fare?

------------------------------------------------Jai Jagannath--------------------------------------------------


  1. I read your question above and would like to answer that from my own experiences. I never got the love of my parents or relatives while my brothers and sisters are pampered and loved to this day. I studied hard but passed college with average marks and a dream of studying engineering that I could not fulfill slowly started taking shape in another way... I enrolled in a computer course so I could get employed somewhere. However my first job as a programmer became a life changer as I slowly found myself getting involved in one big project after another and in a few years I was working with some of the world's leading IT firms and onsite assignments. When recession stuck I was always lucky enough to find another job and continued to work on new assignments till this day when I have already enough experience and skills to run my own firm. My personal life has been full of bad experiences and never received good treatment from relatives or friends or anyone else however, my professional life has been quite successful although I do not have a very good educational background. I never asked anything from God because I have realized God has given me an invaluable asset - brains. The brains to achieve anything I want. I don't care if I don't get anything else in life because I have the capability to take up any task and complete it successfully. So I think it is no use blaming anybody for one's miseries - we all have our problems. The biggest mistake in life is comparing your fate with others. Each person is unique. No two persons are the same nor they grow up in the same surroundings nor they reach the same heights. The clever person is one who makes the best use of his situation to achieve the maximum. There is no God helping me it is only I myself planning and doing each task by applying my brains that has brought happiness in my life. When I look back in life I find all my happy memories are my own doing - sweet fruits of sincerity and hard work. Keep blogging.

  2. I do agree that we should not compare any two person and use brain... however, there are times when non of your choices work nor your plans work. You have been lucky to work and find the right direction to build your professional life.What you choose for professional growth worked. Here, I am just referring to people who keep doing things, they work hard but their choices, there hard work never pays. Somehow, due to other circumstances their work nullifies to zero and making them feel miserable. Its very idealistic to not compare self in this competitive world and very hard to keep patience for long. My question to the almighty is about it?


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