Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The story of a cursed mother -" Kunti"

This is a very old story from Mahabharat, the famous story of Kunti and Karna. Kunti was unwed mother of Karna from the almighty god Sun(Surya). I am confused who is more cursed among this mother son duo. Is it the mother Kunti, who when pregnant with her first child, went in exile being afraid of the social stigma. Or is it the son Karna who had to survive without his mother and also his father, he never got their support when he most needed it.

I call Kunti as cursed mother, because being a Mother is an awesome feeling, a feeling that you are bearing your own child made of your blood and flesh. Every lady adores to bear this pain of bearing a child, but only a few are cursed, who have to hide this awesome feeling to the outside world. She had literally pleaded to Sun god when she tried to see if the Mantra that Rishi Durvasha gave her is actually working. When she called for Sun god, she was merely kidding with the powerful Mantra. When Sun god appeared, she again pleaded him as now she was afraid of the consequences. Sun assured her that after the birth of their child she will get back her virginity and it will not affect her future life.

She abandoned her first child Karna in a basket and let it flow with the river current in Ganges. Motherhood which is a blessing for all the married ladies, was a mere curse for her. This stands true even today in our society. Now a days, though society is changing and all the old social stigma are slowly disappearing, I believe this one will still last for quiet a more number of decades or may be will never disappear.

She witnessed her child Karna in battle field. When Karna was asked bitter questions from her own brothers, she was merely standing still and witnessing all this. She never came in front and admitted that this is her first child. She knew its her own child, but never got that courage to accept it. Even Sun god never came to protect his child.

To protect Arjuna(son of Kunti and god Indra), in the battle with Karna, Indra came down in form of an old Bhramin and asked to take the Kavach and Kundal that Karna possessed from his  mighty father Sun. Karna being large hearten donated his powerful Kavach and Kundal to Indra. However, on the other hand Sun never accepted that Karna is his son. He just warned Karna of the intentions of Indra, but he could have done something to protect his son or help him in war. He silently witnessed his son being ridiculed for being brought up by Sarathi Adirath( charioteer) and his wife Radha. He never protected his son the way Indra did. Karna was cursed to not receive any help from his actual parents.

I wonder why Sun never came in front, why he never spoke of Karna and did not accept that he is his son. In our society, father is never questioned so he could have at least saved his son from being ridiculed.

Even today, the fate of unwed mothers and unaccepted children have not changed.Unwed mothers, being however rich and affluent still do not accept that it is their own child. They might stage a drama of adopting their own child but never let the society know of the truth. And the innocent child is just a victim like Karna, even though he/she most be living with his/her actual mother would never know the truth till his/her end. Kunti revealed her identity in war and wanted Karna to change his side from Kauravs to Pandavas. Karna being too generous and humble to friend Duryodhan did not accepted this as this meant deceiving his friend. In return Kunti wanted Karna not to attack her other five sons and Karna promised not to harm anyone except Arjuna as defeating Arjuna would be enough for him to payback the gratitude of Duryodhan. I feel Kunti had so much affection for her sons but not Karna. She wanted Karna to keep his royal birth a secret but revealed her identity just to use him. Why she did not appear when Karna was contesting in a tournament. Was she selfish, or was it that she had motherly affection only for Pandavas and not for Karna. The same happens even today. Unwed mothers either abandon their child or would adopt their own child in a staged drama. They never reveal their identity. How they let that Motherly affection vanish for their child?

Mother is a very auspicious word and has an auspicious place, but what should this motherhood mean, Is not it cursed? The women who do not conceive easily, for them being a mother is next to being with god. They can do everything and anything to be able to conceive. Where as for the unwed mother, she would have at least cursed herself once for having that unplanned or unaccepted child.

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