Monday, July 18, 2011

Tortoise with patience wins a race over hare.

Hi Readers,

I am back after a long break from my regular hobby that's blogging. This time it was the longest vacation for me. I had great time with my family. I learnt one of the most important lesson in life and that's "Patience". Though, I lost it few times, but I had put all my efforts to stick to it. I am really very happy that I could work on it. And truly speaking, its not that very difficult to have patience.

It has never been easy to be patient, but it's probably even harder now than at any time in history. In a world where messages can be sent across the world instantly, seemingly everything is available with a few clicks of the mouse, and a swift movement of your thumbs can take you into a fantasy game world, it's very hard not to expect instant satisfaction. But patience remains a valuable tool in life. We don't always get instant gratification, and some of the best things in life require years of hard work and waiting. Fortunately, patience is a virtue that can be cultivated and nurtured. It does take time to fulfill this goal, but once this has grown into an ordinary skill for you, you certainly won't be disappointed at what life can offer you with some spare time. You will be surprised by how boring, restless, and lagging hours can evolve into a passing time of relaxation and peace of mind.

In this computer age, sometimes we tend to forget that everything especially human beings are not computer. Sometimes, we try to impose time limits for performing our task. Well, this is only applicable to computer and software's that humanbeing design, however, its not that easy for any other humanbeing to perform tasks that seems to be far more easier. When its dependent on man power, it requires much needed patience. Once, you loose patience, there is chances of more errors. Where there is no patience, there comes aggressiveness, irritation which leads to anxiety.

Take for example, you are trying to build a new relationship with anyone be a friend, a new colleague. It is human tendency to make a note of all the bad qualities of the person at first. Its easy to identify the "WRONG" in a person than to identify the " RIGHT". Only, patience to know the person can show you the better world that the person possess.

There are many ways listed in the web to improve patience. I like a few among them. I will list them below for you all. Have a little Patience to go through them.

1- Try to figure out why you are in such a hurry :- We tend to loose patience when we are multitasking or we are in a tight schedule. If you are stretching yourself too thin, then reconsider your to-do list, before you attempt to change your reaction to overwhelming situation. Spread out your work, so that you can perform one task at a time. Delegate your work to others, this in turn will make you share your load.

2- Remind yourself that things take time :-
When we depend on others to complete a task, we need to have patience. For example, I need to travel to my office by local bus. As per my plan it would take me 30 mintutes in covering the distance. So, I catched a bus and expected to reach the place in time. But, I am dependent on bus. If there is any traffic jam, bus failure or any other incident then it will definitely take time for me to reach my destination. I need to have patience.
3- Expect the unexpected :- Yes, you have plans, but things don't always work out as planned. Accept the twist and turns in life gracefully. Keep your expectations realistic. This applies not only to circumstances, but also the behavior of those around you.  Even if the occasion is not an isolated incident but is instead caused by their repeated neglect and carelessness, losing your patience isn't going to make it any better. That's something to be addressed with discussion and self-control.

4- Give yourself a break :- Sometimes, we loose patience when we are too busy in completing the task. We are so overwhelmed that any delay causes us to frown. We need a slight break in our regular activity to refresh and control our emotions. It also helps us restore back our patience and energy.

5- Remember what matters :- Not focusing on what matters most in this life fuels impatience. Move the world toward peace by being kind, generous in forgiveness of others, being grateful for what is, and taking full advantage of what matters most. When other less important things fuel our impatience, taking time to remember any one of these items reduces our tendency to want something different right now.

6 - Always remember that you will eventually get what you want :- If you work hard at something, this may be the truth, but most of the time you have to be patient to get what you want. For others, this may come as easy, but the only thing that matters is that you know how to occupy yourself, even in the dead of times. Just remember, patience is a mental skill that you will never forget, so cherish patience as a major step for you in life. Impatience is something not to be proud of, but something that you should attempt to train yourself out of, before it is something that overthrows your life.

I remember few lines of my favourite author Chetan Bhagat in TOI few months ago. I will require to find it out and post here for reference.

Its well said, Tortoise with patience can win a race over hare with no patience.That is the slow and steady wins the race.


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