Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you believe in destiny?

Few days back in daily newspaper, I came across two articles based on life. One was about the attitude that we have towards our life and the other is about thinking. Sometimes, we think a lot and expand the issue which is in fact not so significant. I hope each one of us would have experienced this sometime or other. We worry unnecessarily and try to eliminate the problem itself.

However, life is not about eliminating problem, it is more about controlling problem and working through it until we come up with something or somewhat better off situation. Sometimes, we get angry on people just because we have been carrying a bad image of them with us. But, we need to question our self first, Am i good? Am I perfect? No body is perfect nor can ever be. The degree of being perfect varies. And also the values differ.

I may not like someone who boasts around or someone who goes on manipulating things. While there could be another individual, who would judge the same person as someone who could get the work done by any means. For me, getting the work done by good means, may it take lot of time and energy is worth but for the other person, getting work done is important over how it is done.

Life is always good, until the sky falls on our head and we stop breathing. There are hundreds of people who are starving, do not have proper clothes,shoes to wear, don't have a roof over their head. But, still they are alive. Have you ever watched a street children being way happy when someone offered them chocolate or ice-cream? There is happiness in them , that sparkles with that joy of getting something that they longed to have. It is as though they won a gold medal in a race.

Few days back there was a story in newspaper about one kidnapped child who was later united with his two mothers. He was kidnapped and was given to another lady who wanted to adopt a child. The lady took good care of this child, even in a better way than his real mother. The child soon forgot  image of his real parent and when reunited did not wanted to go back. The lady who adopted him, had lost her husband to one accident and her only son to an incurable medical condition. She runs a small catering business and had nothing that could inspire her. Her mother wanted her to adopt a child so that she could think it as her aim in life and lead a normal life. Though, not very rich, she had abundance motherly affection that she gave to two adopted children.
People like her are true inspiration. They have not only overcome hurdles but also have shed light of hope on many who undergo challenging circumstances. Sometimes, we really do not know what destiny has for us. But, yes we need to learn responding to challenging circumstances than reacting to it.

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